The Bombshell That Never Was. . .

[Not Andrew's] did a thorough fact-check of the final 2020 Presidential Debate, with this final tally:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: 0 False Statements
JOE BIDEN: 0 True Statements

But rather than a bombshell headline, the results were spread over 27+ separate pages, obscuring the stunning results.

Here's what would have been a major headline everywhere in a perfect world. Only possible with an honest press. . .

Here are the 27+ Fact-check links. What was their reasoning? Sure they got 26 more clicks than if the results were all on one page, but they missed a crucial story to do it, and just happened to protect Joebiden? Andrew must be weeping in Heaven. . .

1. Fact Check: Joe Biden's Presidential Campaign Is Bankrolled by Wall Street
2. Fact Check: Donald Trump Says Joe Biden's Brother 'Made Money in Iraq'
3. Fact Check: Trump promised to post a video of Biden Criticizing Fracking.
4. Fact Check: Donald Trump Claimed Joe Biden Incarcerated Black People
5. Fact Check: President Donald Trump Claims U.S. Carbon Emissions Lowest in 35 Years
6. Fact Check: Trump Accuses Biden of Having Tried to 'Hurt Social Security'
7. Fact Check: Democrats' HEROES Act Is Bailout of Illegal Migration Cities
8. Fact Check: Trump Accurately Said Virus Spike Dropped After Moderator Said U.S. Heading into 'Dangerous' Phase
9. Fact Check: Nancy Pelosi Is Stonewalling Coronavirus Aid
10. Fact Check: Donald Trump Says Nancy Pelosi Is Blocking a Stimulus Bill
11. Fact Check: Trump Says Pelosi Danced in Chinatown as Democrats Criticized Him for Restricting Travel from China
12. Fact Check: Donald Trump: 'Everyone's Leaving New York'
13. Fact Check: Biden Claims No One Brought Up Concerns About Burisma During Impeachment Inquiry
14. Fact Check: Biden Says Trump 'Pokes His Finger in the Eye of All Our Allies'
15. Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Obamacare Didn't Cause Americans to Lose Their Health Insurance
16. Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'My Son Has Not Made Money' from China
17. Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'Laptop from Hell' is 'Russian Disinformation,' Without Evidence
18. Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump Responsible for 200K Deaths
19. Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats 'Inject Bleach' Claim
20. Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Schools Can't Open for In-Person Learning Because 'They Need a Lot of Money'
21. Fact Check: Joe Biden Said Donald Trump Gave No Money to Small Businesses to Help with Pandemic
22. Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims the Trade Deficit with China Is Higher Now
23. Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims President Trump Has 'No Clear Plan' to Combat Coronavirus
24. Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Trump is the First President to End Asylum Shopping
25. Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Freed Border Crossers Show Up for Their Asylum Hearings
26. Fact Check: Biden Claims Giuliani Is 'Being Fed Information That Is Russian'
27. Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump 'Hasn't Said a Word' to Putin About Election Meddling
28. Fact Check: Joe Biden Wrong, on 'Xenophobia'
29. Nolte: Here Are 11 of Joe Biden's Biggest Debate Lies
30. Former Vice President Joe Biden asserted on Thursday that he had "not taken a penny from any foreign source"
31. Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed Thursday during the final presidential debate that "nothing was unethical" about his son Hunter Biden's business deals while Biden was vice president.

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