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Constant hate propaganda has made people afraid to openly show support for our President. Whether it's fear of physical harm or being called a 'racist' by frothing pod people. But it's all smoke & mirrors to make us cower and feel isolated. REALITY CHECK: Donald Trump won in a landslide!

I live in allegedly 'liberal' western Mass and I wear my MAGA t-shirt and/or hat whenever I go out, and between 70-90% of the people I pass on any given day smile, like they appreciate it, and most I engage with are especially friendly. About 5-10% look like they have an upset tummy, and once in awhile I get a dirty look. I just smile.:}

And I've been driving with my MAGA magnet on my car since mid-May, with lots of honks, waves and smiles. I just remove it when I'm parked, because all it takes is one TDS victim to ruin your day, and maybe your car. . .

And how about this guy?


An Afghanistan veteran has been running 15 miles a day for a year while wearing the iconic red Make America Great Again (MAGA) cap because, he said, "Showing support for the president and being patriotic should be a given in our country." Elliot Timms is a Missouri native who spent two tours in Afghanistan. On July 4, 2017, he said that his frustration with our national division inspired him to put on his MAGA cap and take up the flag as a reminder."

The article unfortunately doesn't report on the positive responses he's gotten. That would expose the phony narrative and encourage others to follow his lead, and we can't have that. Limited reporting is typical 'controlled opposition' and Breitbart's a master. Its namesake must be rolling in his early grave.

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Paper Potus & me. . .