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A very large stone used in prehistoric cultures as a monument or building block.

Cupules & Cupmarks::
Ancient, man-made depressions on rock surfaces that resemble the shape of a spherical cap or dome. Cupules often represent constellations."

Stars, Stones & Scholars: The Decipherment of the Megaliths as an Ancient Survey of the Earth by Astronomy
Amazon Review: "It is rare for a book to cover the distance and depth found in Stones, Stars and Scholars by Andis Kaulins. However the conclusion of the book, that the ancient megaliths tell a story about a world wide system of surveying and measurement well in effect in 3000 BC, will turn the world of scholarship upside down. While it is a pioneering work, there is more than enough information here to prove the authors basic premise that the megalithic sites, all over the world, represent a map of the sky on the ground."


The largest stone on Faerie Hill is covered in cupules. The most distinct part of the stone is a strip of cupules with a white quartz border, that wraps around two exposed sides of the stone. . .

Top of the stone [& Pippi]. . .

Top of the stone [& Bruno]. . .

Side shot of the stone, straight on and turned on its side - the stone is on a steep part of the hill, and it's possible that it tumbled over during the massive comet impact of legend. If so, the white quartz blocks would have circled the top of the stone. Nearly all the stones on Faerie Hill are slightly askew. . .

The flat side would be a flat top if turned upright. . .

A few shots of the 'Milky Way' strip. . .
A top shot of the strip & quartz border [& Pippi]. . .

Right topside of the strip. . .

Large white quartz blocks embedded around the top of the stone. . .

Left side view of the stone. . .

The front of the stone [and Max]. . .

The front of the stone [and Harley]. . .

The side of the stone that gets no sun. . .

The backside of the stone, with orbs. . .

The backside of the stone, with no orbs. . .

The Milky Way..

Our solar system is towards the bottom left of the Milky Way. . .

The same area on the stone, with 2 drill holes. . .

A sketch of the same area, drill holes in yellow. . .

A view of the pond from the stone. . .

"The day when science begins to explore beyond physical phenomena,
more will be discovered in a decade than over the centuries of its existence." ~ Nikola Tesla


Levitating Ancient Megaliths
Excerpts: "Many ancient structures around the world are built with enormous stones and offer no clue as to how they were built. . .Many agree that even using modern day lifting equipment, these stones would not budge at all. This raises a legitimate question: "Did the ancients know something we don't?". . .Some believe the answer is levitation. . .the open-minded embrace the idea that our ancestors were much more advanced than orthodox history admits. . . Modern science is no stranger to the use of sound waves in the levitation of small particles. NASA even employs sonic drilling. . .it would seem the ancients were on to something."

Defying Gravity: Lifting of Megaliths
Excerpt: "Moving megaliths can be appropriately termed as "lifting" than "levitation". The latter term is relevant to today’s research in physics labs studying acoustic levitation of lightweight objects in air using standing sound waves. According to archaeo-acoustics researchers, the concept of sound-assisted lifting has been known to be an anti-gravity phenomenon for thousands of years. It appears that the ancients somehow mastered the technique of lifting via sound technology or some other obscure method that would defied gravity."

How The Ancients Cut Stone with Sound
Excerpts: "The Great Pyramid, ancient megaliths, Stonehenge, and Edward Leedskalnin’s “Coral Castle” in Florida are testaments to a secret technology. . .Everything points to sound being the principal ingredient. . .I mean sound being the initiator of a process that ends up altering gravity directly. This is nowhere more evident than in the size of megalithic stones. . .[T]he smaller the stone, the higher its resonant frequency, and the more difficult it is to produce a powerful sound at the required frequency using tuning forks and/or the human voice. Both forks and the human voice have a limited frequency range, generally 100-3000 Hz. If you convert that frequency range into an allowable range of stone sizes, it matches the range of megalithic stone sizes around the world. It was only after the loss of this technology that buildings and stone structures were built of much smaller blocks."

"[T]he reed is a universal symbol of civilization, high culture, education, writing, and even celestial significance. For instance, the Hopi refer to the Milky Way by the term songwuka, literally “big reed.” They have a legend of coming up through a great reed from the previous Third World to the present Fourth World. This perhaps suggests an interstellar journey along the galactic axis." - Gary A. David

"Original Australian archaeology serving astronomical purposes found in the Central Coast of N.S.W. is both so numerous in number (>2000 star markers) and diverse in applications (star markers, constellation alignments, solstices, plasma events and possibility of binary star system and polar shifts) and the implications of this call into question many mistaken assumptions of Original prehistory. We propose that this complex is a unique star map of global significance exhibiting sophistication previously unknown. One deceptively small piece of rock which is claimed to bear hundreds upon hundreds of holes that represent the Milky Way, has either been stolen or is in safe-keeping." - Steven Strong

Montana Megalith Sound Waves
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