"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." ~ Aristotle

You Can Read Your Own

Above: A standard birth chart & a BirthPrint

P L A N E T S ~ F I R S T

Most people associate astrology with the zodiac, yet without the 10 planets the zodiac is meaningless. Planetary dynamics are the foundation of astrology and our cosmic guide through time, relationships and self-understanding.
sun & moon are referred to as planets for brevity

With your first breath, your consciousness is imprinted with the planetary dynamics of that moment in time, your celestial DNA. The Sanskrit word for breath is prana, the universal life force that sustains us in this space & time.

Your BirthPrint displays the magic moment you entered this world, so you can see your internal celestial mechanics, confirm what you know to be true and gain more confidence in your strengths and gifts and a deeper insight into all areas of your life.

The beauty of astrology is that it's accessible at every level of understanding, from simple to profound, just like mathematics, which forms its [astro] logical foundation. And all you need to know to begin to read any BirthPrint are 3 essential basics:

all clearly displayed on a BirthPrint. . .

"The stars in the heavens sing a music if only we had ears to hear." ~ Pythagoras

Imagine your mind is a melody. . .

PLANETS are the notes
ASPECTS are their arrangements
SIGNS are the instruments

sun moon mercury venus mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune pluto
Planetary dynamics are the mechanics of energy through which consciousness manifests, sharing form & function with the atom.

conjunction sextile square trine quincunx opposition
Aspects are the conduits formed between planets at specific degrees of distance. The best known aspect is the opposition, though most know it only as the full moon, when the Sun & Moon are 180 degrees apart and sh^t gets crazy.

aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces
The zodiac is a prism of personality traits that color planetary dynamics with the elemental qualities of fire, earth, air and water.



SUN: will ~ purpose
MOON: emotion ~ instinct
MERCURY: mind ~ reasoning
VENUS: magnetism ~ creative
MARS: assertion ~ procreative


JUPITER: expansion ~ faith
SATURN: contraction ~ discipline


URANUS: higher mind ~ ingenuity ~ evolution
NEPTUNE: higher emotion ~ inspiration ~ enlightenment
PLUTO: higher will ~ insight ~ transformation


CONJUNCTION: 0°: integrating
SEXTILE: 60°: facilitating
SQUARE: 90°: agitating
TRINE:120°: harmonizing
QUINCUNX: 150°: driving
OPPOSITION: 180°: polarizing


12 signs are divided into 4 elements . . .
FIRE/passionate EARTH/grounded AIR/mental WATER/emotional

& 3 modalities . . .
CARDINAL/assertive ~ ~ FIXED/steadfast ~ ~ MUTABLE/adaptable

Each element represents three signs and each sign is appointed a modality. A modality is a quality of expression that further distinguishes the signs. For example, the three fire signs are Aries, Leo & Sagittarius: Aries is Cardinal, Leo is Fixed and Sagittarius is Mutable. This pattern repeats through all 12 signs and gives each a distinctive tone.

The signs are further divided into yin/negative & yang/positive - six of each, of course. Earth & water are yin and fire & air are yang. And each sign has an opposite sign in a complimentary element and the same modality. For example, fixed fire is opposite fixed air and both are yang; cardinal earth is opposite cardinal water and both are yin. So opposites really do attract and share some fundamental similarities. And any opposition between planets is a challenging dynamic that spurs growth, whether within, between individuals or from above to within through time.

ARIES: impulsive ~ independent [cardinal fire]
TAURUS: sensual ~ loyal [fixed earth]
GEMINI: mercurial ~ adaptive [mutable air]
CANCER: sensitive ~ dramatic [cardinal water]
LEO: strong-willed ~ creative [fixed fire]
VIRGO: analytical ~ sensitive [mutable earth]
LIBRA: charming ~ fair-minded [cardinal air]
SCORPIO: passionate ~ private [fixed water]
SAGITTARIUS: optimistic ~ adventuresome [mutable fire]
CAPRICORN: ambitious ~ determined [cardinal earth]
AQUARIUS: inventive ~ independent [fixed air]
PISCES: imaginative ~ intuitive [mutable water]

And the all-time best book on the zodiac is Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Planetary dynamics form the whole of your consciousness and are generally perceived as your singular self; but sometimes their separate parts are strongly felt, like when the heart [moon] and mind [sun] are in conflict. . .

"Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity."
~ Dr. Carl G. Jung


The best kept secret in the field of psychology is the fact that Dr. Carl G. Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology, was a closet astrologer who based his theory of consciousness on planetary dynamics.

It's a simple yet profound system: the conscious mind is symbolized by the Sun through Mars; the unconscious is symbolized by Jupiter & Saturn [also referred to as the subconscious]; and the collective unconscious is symbolized by Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

Most significant are aspects that connect unconscious to conscious planets and brings them into conscious awareness. The aspects determine their quality of expression - harmonious, stressful, strengthening - while childhood programming largely determines their level of potential. Nature & Nurture are a team and the unconscious to conscious aspects are potent, so a healthy sense of self is needed to use them for the self and not against. So it's immeasurably helpful to know both your planetary dynamics and the defining events of your childhood so you can embrace your strengths and re-program where needed to become a true master of your destiny.

The conjunction is the strongest aspect by far, melding planetary dynamics into a potent, focused whole. The square, quincunx and opposition are also potent, though each creates a unique tension and challenging circumstances. The two easy aspects are the sextile, which is facilitative and energizing and the trine, which creates harmony and ease of expression, both always welcome vibes that often soften the rough edges of life.

Those born with strong unconscious to conscious aspects, especially the conjunction, usually have exceptional awareness or intense experiences from an early age; and those with a nurturing childhood often go on to make significant contributions in life, while those with a deeply troubled childhood can fail dramatically. The unconscious dynamics are potent and our free will determines how we use them to enrich our lives or derail them.

The aspects from unconscious to conscious planets occur three ways: at birth as explained, between individuals and through time. So those people who have a profound effect on our lives likely have one ore more unconscious planets in strong aspect to one or more of our conscious planets.

And through time everyone experiences aspects from the unconscious planets above to the conscious planets within, which can lead to change, growth and expanded awareness, along with some intense and memorable experiences. We can't choose all the circumstances but we can choose how to respond to them, which makes all the difference in our lives.

Dr. Jung kept the roots of his theory hidden to avoid the academic ridicule that persists to this day. So most Analytical Psychologists overlook the role of astrology in their work and take months and years to gain insights they could gain in a day by analyzing the dynamics of their patients' BirthPrints.

"The value of astrology. . .is not its power to predict what the gods have in store for humans, but its ability to reveal the god-like powers that reside in the depths of every human being." ~ Glenn Perry, Ph.D.


It's interesting how people born on the same day and year express similar planetary dynamics. Each of us is a unique soul born into a childhood that shapes and modifies our natal dynamics, though similarities are generally apparent. For instance, Angelina Jolie & Russell Brand are astrotwins born June 4, 1975; and they've followed a similar path, driven by intense planetary dynamics, through sex, drugs, performance and politics.

And who knew?

'Psyche' is classic greek for 'Soul'. . .

So psychology is soul logic. . .

and a BirthPrint makes every soul an open book!

Like the 26 letters in every book, every BirthPrint is a unique combination of 10 planetary dynamics. And learning to read a BirthPrint is as simple for an adult as learning to read a book is for a child. And both offer an empowering world of insights that never end.

To use a math analogy, knowledge of only your sun sign equates to single digit addition, while knowledge of the astrological basics - PLANETS, ASPECTS & SIGNS equates to basic math, a huge leap in understanding that takes little time. And like math, you can stop at the basics and do just fine, or explore far beyond, into the woowoo realms.

"The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world; unconsciously remembers it and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind." ~ Johannes Kepler, Harmonics Mundi


PLANETS: Essential psychological dynamics
ASPECTS: Connect planet dynamics
SIGNS: Elemental personality [fire, earth, air, water]

PLANETS: Essential psychological dynamics of each individual
ASPECTS: Connect planet dynamics between individuals
SIGNS: Elemental compatibility/incompatibility [fire, earth, air, water]

PLANETS: Essential dynamics of action/events/change
ASPECTS: Connect planet dynamics above to planet dynamics within
SIGNS: Elemental qualities of passing time [fire, earth, air, water]



The 10 planets represent the three levels of consciousness defined by Carl Jung. I've altered them slightly for brevity from conscious, unconscious & collective unconscious to conscious, subconscious & unconscious.

(sun moon mercury venus mars)
The conscious mind is where we dwell at all times but sleep. It's thought and actions, desires and dreams, hopes and fears and every interaction we make. It's our direct experience of life and the surface story of everything. It's where we spend our waking time, all the time. The conscious mind leads to direct and powerful connections to the unconscious by way of the planetary aspects. There's tremendous potential for creative growth through these connections.

Without conscious self awareness, unconscious impulses can lead to dramatically wrong choices, creating unwanted drama that's often blamed on outside circumstances. Though it may often seem like they're beyond our control, we attract those circumstances by unconscious programming. Sometimes it's quick and sometimes it takes awhile, but sooner or later we always attract what we expect and believe and what we take action - or inaction - towards. Procrastination can slay a dream as thoroughly as an unintended action. The unconscious is programmed like a computer in childhood that many take a lifetime to try to deprogram from.

[I believe the best books on the science of mind were written 100 years ago by Wallace Wattles]

The mind is like the ocean and the surface is the conscious mind. Beneath the surface lies the unfathomable depths of your psyche. It offers bits of its bounty when we seek it and holds bounties of golden Truths we rarely seek. We set sail on the surface and hope for the best, enjoying the ride when we can, and prepared (or not) for the storms ahead. What might we discover in the deep if only we dare?

(jupiter saturn)
The subconscious mind is the recorder of all events and stimuli. It assesses, addresses and stores the data for future retrieval and remembers everything we've ever seen, felt, thought and done. Even in our dreams, the unconscious is at work, sorting out conscious experience and showing us signposts, if only we notice. Science estimates that only about 1% of our awareness is conscious.

Everything we've experienced in life is stored in the subconscious. Psychotherapy methods attempt to overwrite damaging subconscious childhood memories. Early emotional programming is strengthened by repetition - it's the basis of Scientology and the one thing of value - their process of releasing toxic 'engrams' from repressed memory.

To re-program unwanted subconscious emotions you first need to know what they are - to make them conscious. Your planetary dynamics are the true window into your early programming and the surest way to gain insight.

(uranus neptune pluto)
The collective unconscious mind is Purpose with a capital P. It's our 'Deeper Self' who knows All and is the foundation of our highest Truth. It's unfazed by the issues of daily life that the conscious and subconscious are tending to. Its Purpose is Creative Growth. The unconscious knows all and is known by all - it's the 'still voice within', though most of us ignore it. Yet even ignored it works its magic in our lives.

When the unconscious is purely expressed, creative growth occurs. But when it's blocked it can kick our butt until we honor its creative impulse to deepen and expand. If life is a picture show we write as we go, we all intend for the best when we begin, but it's too easy to get sidetracked and forget our Purpose. So the unconscious serves to remind us and help us get back on the creative track.

If there is a Creator, It seems to Parent by benign neglect as we make our own way by our thoughts and actions, guided by the map of planetary motion. Because without free will, what's the point? But we do get assistance when we seek it - 'ask and ye shall receive', though many don't make the request.

The best way to dip in deep and not be pulled under by the unconscious undertow is to know the territory of your psyche. Look at your BirthPrint for connections from your conscious to your subconscious and unconscious. They work magic in your life when they're consciously expressed. The unconscious is the key to true happiness, if we learn to listen within.



will ~ vitality ~ ego ~ essential self

The Sun symbolizes the core of your character, the centerpoint of consciousness. "As above, so below". It's the source of self-identity and it casts its light over the entire personality. Your Sun sign is your center of operation. And though the other planets have dominant roles when their positions demand it, the Sun ultimately calls all the shots. It's the Captain Kirk of your enterprise, and the relationships it forms with the planetary crew determine the basic storyline and the direction of your journey. Planets aspecting the Sun, especially the conjunction, are prominently expressed in the personality. Each aspect to the Sun gives a layer of complexity and the Sun's sign gives color to their expression. Aspects to the Sun are very important and prominent in the personality, as is the sign the Sun occupies at birth.


emotion ~ intuition ~ instinct ~ feelings ~ reactions ~ attachment ~ bodily function ~ habits ~ memory

The Moon is the seat of the emotions, the planet by which you intuit your surroundings. The Moon lends texture and feeling and the changing tides of emotion. Even if all memory is gone, emotion remains. The Moon sign determines how you relate to others instinctively, and the aspects to the Moon indicate what strengths and challenges you may have in your relationships and how and what you seek for emotional fulfillment. The more aspects a planet has to other planets, the more complex and prominent in the psyche it becomes. And of course the Moon's sign colors its expression.


intellect ~ reasoning ~ verbal expression ~ discernment ~ perception ~ analysis ~ communication

Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication and your approach to organizing your thoughts and your life. It indicates how you process information and your manner of communication. Mercury is key to understanding your thinking processes. Mercury is your trusty Spock. It's how you mentally filter your experience. You believe what your mind tells you, so it's best to have a handle on the quality of the information processor of your psyche. A strong mind is often indicated by conjunction aspects from Mercury to subconscious and unconscious planets. Mercury is never more than one sign from the Sun, and when the Sun and Mercury are in the same sign, which they often are, it indicates a certain singlemindedness from the combined focus of the ego and the intellect.


desire ~ magnetism ~ creative/procreative ~ attraction ~ charm ~ beauty ~ pleasure ~ affection ~ romance ~ magnet

Venus is creative and procreative. It's the dynamic of desire, receptivity, magnetism and your longing for an ideal. Venus delights in beautiful sights, sounds and smells, and beauty being subjective, Venus' aspects & sign indicate who and what you're drawn to. Venus drives you to attract, like a magnet, what brings you creative joy, love and new life. Venus indicates the ways you choose to be creative and less vulnerable to Venusian quick fixes - whatever promises some pleasure and serenity in the short term. So even when your love life is far from ideal, being passionately creative will satisfy your longings with no morning regrets. Lovers come and go, but creative self expression is yours forever and vital to keep the fruits of your Venus sweet.


drive ~ assertion ~ stamina ~ physical/sexual expression ~ force ~ power ~ competition ~ initiative ~ courage ~ steel

Mars makes love and war and whatever else involves willful assertion of energy. You draw from Mars whenever you take action. Bodily motion is Mars in action. Your Mars aspects & sign indicate your quality of movement, how your physicality is expressed. Mars is the motor of your aspirations and ambitions.



principle ~ aspiration ~ optimism ~ faith ~ confidence ~ benevolence ~ growth ~ wisdom ~ benevolence ~ expansion
Sounds of Jupiter

Jupiter is the dynamic of aspiration and benevolence, lifting and expanding whatever area of the psyche it touches by aspect. Jupiter expands the will when it aspects the Sun; expands the emotions when it aspects the Moon; expands the mind when it aspects Mercury; expands the capacity to give when it aspects Venus; and expands physical stamina when it aspects Mars. Jupiter is the planet of joy and optimism and you're put directly in touch with its magic through aspects to your conscious planets.


purpose ~ ambition ~ discipline ~ restriction ~ temperance ~ insecurity ~ effort ~ endurance ~ persistence ~ stability ~ consolidation ~ responsibility ~ contraction

Sounds of Saturn

Where Jupiter is benevolence, Saturn is tough love. Its dynamic is limiting to whatever planets it aspects, which inspires a drive to overcome it, a surrendering to feelings of inadequacy or vacillating between both. Saturn's purpose is to build strength and true confidence, which often happens through adversity. In the reincarnational view, Saturn is the unfinished business you bring into each life. Early in life Saturn represents an authority, generally the father, who plants seeds of determination and/or self doubt. Freedom from Saturnian self-doubt comes by seeing every obstacle as an opportunity. It's not the universe dumping on you, it's the law of attraction. You attract what you believe you deserve, what you actually deserve and what you sorely need. Self confidence grows when it's fed & watered with effort and determination, until it takes up most of your head space.

Saturn keeps score and delivers consequences. You can't ignore Saturn's demand for responsible action. Cause and effect, justice and rewards are its stock in trade. With Saturn, you always reap what you sow, even if you don't remember what you planted. It presents obstacles your past actions or inactions helped erect, which you have the choice of patiently dismantling until you're free or covering with defeatist graffiti as a monument to your failure. The choice is always yours.



ingenuity ~ deeper/higher intellect ~ genius/eccentricity ~ abstract reasoning ~ innovation ~ freedom ~ revolution ~ ~ rebellion ~ reform ~ independence ~ originality ~ gestalt

Sounds of Uranus!

Uranus aspects are your spontaneous hook-up to the Big Picture, enabling you to see to the logical core of things. When Uranus aspects conscious planets it brings its genius-level dynamics into conscious awareness. Uranus jolts you with sudden understanding that's far ahead of your time, which is great when it's welcomed by open minds, but it's generally seen as a threat to the status quo. Uranus is naturally disruptive, so expect the unexpected in the areas it touches. Uranian aspects to conscious planets create an irresistible impulse to be contrary. So if you have a prominent Uranus you likely let it run a little wild now and then. Uranus' purpose is to disrupt crystallized perceptions in order to spur growth. Uranus is the planet of the inventor because inventors think in new ways, which is what Uranus is all about.


deeper/higher emotion ~ imagination/escapism ~ spirituality ~ illusion ~ psychic impulse ~ creativity ~ idealism ~ transcendance

Sounds of Neptune

Neptune is the planet of soaring imagination and inspired emotion. It guides the artists of the world, who bring its gifts through their inspired expression. Music is the universal language of Neptune, so it's almost always prominent in musicians' BirthPrints. Whenever you're inspired from the heart to the head by any art form, you experience the magic of Neptune, whether you're the creator or the listener/observer. Neptune opens your spiritual channels, whether you think in spiritual terms or not. It's the dynamic of inspired creation. The downside of Neptune is an escapist impulse born of longing for the Ideal. Altering consciousness to achieve a connection to higher realms has been practiced throughout history, and many artists are inspired this way, but some get lost, preferring to live in their minds while forsaking all else, which soon creates havoc through neglect of the creative and practical. Think of the planets as actors and you're their director. The more prominent the actors are, the more tempting it is to let them run the show, but that can throw off the rest of the cast and cause the whole production to suffer. So bring out the best in your actors, but always remember that only you always have the final say.


insight ~ transformation ~ deeper/higher will ~ regenerative/degenerative ~ power ~ rebirth ~ deeper purpose

Sounds of Pluto

Pluto is the Phoenix dynamic, transformative Will. Pluto's Purpose is complete transformation in whatever area of life it settles its sights on. Pluto is never easy and always effective. If you have a prominent Pluto, remember that a little goes a long way. Temperance is key, because Pluto is a great emotional force and when unleashed it can overwhelm others. Those whose Pluto aspects conscious planets freely access their power and generally aren't phased by other intense Pluto types. But those whose Pluto remains unconscious or tangled in bad programming can feel threatened by such power and try to undermine it. Where does all this intensity come from? Those with prominent Pluto aspects, especially to their Sun or Moon, experience great upheavals and a profound sense of powerlessness early in life that creates a deep need to transform into a master of your own soul and surroundings. It drives you forward, often with dramatic results. Pluto is a dynamic of tremendous creative and destructive power.
"The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in a relation with the motions of the universe." ~ Louis Pasteur


Here again are the six primary aspects..

CONJUNCTION: 0 degrees: integrate; fuse
SEXTILE: 60 degrees: facilitate; fortify
SQUARE: 90 degrees: stress; friction
TRINE:120 degrees: harmonize; flow
QUINCUNX: 150 degrees: compel; drive
OPPOSITION: 180 degrees: divide; separate
[each aspect has an orb of effect, from 2 to 9 degrees]

Some of us are born with one or more of eight primary planetary patterns, while everyone experiences them throughout life when the planets above form these patterns with the planets within.

Below is a brief overview of eight planetary patterns, with links to an in-depth overview of each by Cafe Astrology & Seattle Astrology:

A T-Square brings a lifetime of intense experiences and accelatered growth and suggests an eventful life. An in-depth overview:

A Grand Cross brings many challenges for the purpose of the soul's accelerated growth. A Grand Trine is a blessing from the heavens.

A Grand Sextile is a rare pattern; also known as the 'Star of David' it contains other patterns within it and is highly creative, constructive and beneficial.

A Partial Grand Sextile is a beneficial, facilitative pattern, a lighter version of the Grand Trine.

A Mystic Rectangle was referred to by Dane Rudhyar as 'practical mysticism'; it symbolizes a purpose-driven life.

A Kite is a an energizing, facilitative pattern that plays out according to the planets involved.

A Yod is a rare pattern [only 1-2 degree orb] referred to as the 'Finger of Destiny'; it's said to indicate past life experience playing a primary role in the present life.

In addition to the 6 major aspects there are 6 minor aspects that generally reinforce the major aspects and can be very significant in their own right. The semi-square is one such 'minor aspect', so I include it in my BirthPrint calculations. Minor aspects generally have an orb of only 1-2 degrees. The minor aspects are as follows..

semi-sextile (30 degrees): 1/2 a sextile; like the sextile, facilitative & energizing

decile (no symbol - 36 degrees): 1/2 a quintile; partly developed creative uniqueness

semi-square (45 degrees): 1/2 a square, like the square, tense and frictional

quintile (72 degrees): 1/5 a circle; creative uniqueness

sesquiquadrate (135 degrees): mild tension

bi-quintile (144 degrees): 2/5 a circle; harmonizing; creative

Click here for an interesting and cohesive explanation of the aspects in relation to the circle.

[Your BirthPrint illustrates only the 6 major planetary aspects, plus the semi-square]



Below is a brief overview of each of the astrological signs. Your 'Sun sign' is the sign the Sun occupies at birth. It's generally the most prominent in your personality, and all planets that aspect your Sun also become more prominent.

It's said each sign is its opposite inside-out. Opposite signs are in complimentary elements, so Aries opposite Libra is fire opposite air, while Taurus opposite Scorpio is earth opposite water, and so on. Fire and air build on each other (male/positive/assertive) and earth and water support each other (female/negative/receptive). Though they're opposites, their dynamics are integrative.

(fire): The first sign of the zodiac expects to be first in all things. Aries must lead, always. No matter how timid Aries may seem initially, you'll soon learn that they are anything but. And their enthusiasm about life is contagious. Aries is a shot of adrenalin to any social gathering. They project their martian spirit into whatever circumstances they find themselves in.
(opposite sign: LIBRA)

(earth): Ruled by the Earth, the Taurus personality is like a warm embrace. Lovers of pleasure and beauty, these bulls always know where you can find a great meal. If you seek comfort and tranquility, look to a Taurus, for their steadfast and placid ways never fail to calm a restless mind and spirit.
(opposite sign: SCORPIO)

(air): You can easily spot Geminis in a crowd - they're the ones talking to everyone about anything. Mercury, the winged messenger, is their ruling planet, so it's their purpose to interact, inform, inquire. Symbolized by the twins, you can't pin them down to any one thing, nor would you want to. They bring the light of learning to the human table.
(opposite sign: SAGITTARIUS)

(water): While Geminis are flitting about the room, Cancer is clinging to the wall. Cancer the crab would rather just stay home, thank you. Nothing is so desirable to Moon-ruled Cancer than home and family. They live to nurture, with powerful emotions as changeable as the phases of the moon. And when they shine they can light up a dark world.
(opposite sign: CAPRICORN)

(fire): Ruled by the Sun, Leos naturally assume the world revolves around them. Leos bring sunshine to whatever space they occupy. And they can't help it if they know how great they are. Whether roaring or purring these lions make their presence known, to the envy, fear or delight of the others in the jungle.
(opposite sign: AQUARIUS)

(earth): A quiet sensuality and gentleness mark the Virgo personality, but beneath that serene exterior is a mind like a steel trap. Nothing goes unnoticed in their Spock-logical brains. They listen and nurture and tend to the needed things. As far as the wheatbearers are concerned, heaven is in the details.
(opposite sign: PISCES)

(air): Matching Virgo in their gentle ways, Libra needs peace and tranquility or they can easily lose their equilibrium. Ruled by Venus and the Scales, Libra seeks balance in all things, and often finds it difficult to decide one way or the other, because they so clearly see both sides.
(opposite sign: ARIES)

(water): Blessed (or cursed) with a piercing intensity, Pluto ruled Scorpio simply must unearth everything that's hidden. Nothing is as it seems and Scorpio will prove it! It's said the Scorpian is the most sexually focused of the zodiac, because sexuality offers endless depths to those who seek it, and a bounty of treasure and transformation for the effort.
(opposite sign: TAURUS)

(fire): The adventurers of the zodiac, Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is compelled to learn, explore and expand. Their fiery spirit ignites their surroundings. Honest to a fault, their bluntness can get them into trouble, but they only mean well in their many observations. The archers of the zodiac, their arrows pierce to the heart of things, to expose and enlighten.
(opposite sign: GEMINI)

(earth): Look for the hardest worker in the room and it's likely to be Capricorn the goat. Serious and determined, their purpose in life is to accomplish their goals. Saturn ruled, it's said over time they become younger in spirit, as their determination to reach the mountain top gives way to a willingness to stop and smell the flowers.
(opposite sign: CANCER)

(air): Growth and change is the driving purpose of the bearers of the water of knowledge. Uranian spirits, they can't be held back or tied down. Their will is matched by the Lion and equally determined. Humanitarian to the core, they can't help but see the Big Picture and are driven to contribute to its expansion.
(opposite sign: LEO)

(water): Neptunian dreamers, these fish swim in the waters of inspiration and lead us all by their example. Water ruled, they absorb their surroundings and their empathy is often the source of great pain. They make the best actors because they naturally put themseves in others' places, and the best poets because they're so close to the source of all our dreams.
(opposite sign: VIRGO)

One planet remains without its own ruler, Taurus, which is currently co-ruled by Venus, along with Libra. It seems we've forgotten about Earth - could it be the true ruler of Taurus?

There are many symbolic indications for this.. the bull is a popular symbol throughout the earth. And bovines have an enormous influence on our lives. Considered sacred in India, they feed and nourish us like the nurturing earth mother, Taurus. And their mass slaughter has caused mass suffering, theirs and our own - greed and overindulgence is the dark side of Taurus.

The positive qualities of Taurus resemble those of the Earth: sensuous, lush, protective, sheltering, nurturing, offering comfort and the riches from the sea and the soil to serve all our basic needs. And Earth has a mythological connection to the Pleiades, located in the Taurus constellation. The Pleaides is referenced by every ancient culture in the world and even mentioned in the Old Testament! ... "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?"

The ancient symbol for the Earth is the inverted symbol for Venus. In mythology Earth is known as Venus' twin. Why has the symbol for Earth been changed from a cross above a circle to a cross within a circle?

SUN rules LEO













The ascendant, also called the rising sign, is the zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. The ascendant is defined as your persona - how others see you - and it enhances, subdues or otherwise modifies your planetary dynamics.

The ascendant sign is placed on the [1st house] cusp of a birth chart - the Wheel of Life. The wheel is divided into 12 Houses; each house represents specific life issues. Your ascendant sign determines which Houses your planets reside in and which life issues have heightened relevance.

But.. the ascendant and house system require an EXACT birth time to calculate, which many people don't know and can't access.

The good news is, the essential basics, the planets, aspects & signs, do not require an exact birth time*. And though the ascendant and life issues are informative, they're not essential.

[astrologer Benjamin Franklin considered the ascendant and house system irrelevant..just saying..]

So there are two kinds of birth charts: a natal chart, which requires an exact birth time and puts the ascendant on the 1st House cusp and the planets in their proper Houses; and a solar chart, which doesn't require an exact birth time, puts the Sun on the 1st House cusp and the Houses are a silent backdrop. [all birthprints are solar charts, except by request]

* The Moon is the only planet that moves more than a degree a day, moving about 12 degrees daily. When an exact or approximate birth time is unknown, using a noon birth time means the Moon won't be more than 6 degrees off, usually less. Not ideal, but workable

"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance." ~ Nikola Tesla

Niels Bohr & Plato's Microcosm/Macrocosm

In the early 20th century, quantum physicist Dr. Niels Bohr discovered that our solar system has the same form as an atom, so what about function? The atom functions as 'nature's building block', so does the solar system function the same way? Did Dr. Bohr validate astrology 100 years ago?

Dr. Bohr was compelled to translate the ancient wisdom of the Vedas into the language of quantum physics. His wanderings in these deep waters led him to view reality as a kind of collective, holographic dream.

"Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real." ~ Physicist Dr. Niels Bohr

row row row your boat. . .

Bohr and Einstein were firmly in agreement on this point and funny cigarettes were reportedly not involved.

"Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble." ~ Albert Einstein

Astrologers and quantum physicists share one prevailing belief: everything is energy. Astrologers have known this for thousands of years, while physicists in the last century have finally caught up, sort of. Their 'Theory of Everything' is defined as four fundamental forces: Gravity, Strong force, Weak Force & Electromagnetism.

The most celebrated of the Fab Four is gravity; it gets most of the attention but has a shallow reach and sometimes it's a drag.

Then there's the strong force and weak force that toil together obscurely to hold the manifest world together. Without them there'd be no way to Let It Be.

But the real star of the Fab Four is E L E C T R O M A G N E T I S M; it's millions of times more forceful than gravity and goes on and on across the universe, possessing and caressing us in an infinite, supercharged embrace.

An obvious example of electromagnetism at work is telecommunications, creating sound and images from apparent thin air! Radio, television, even the words you're reading all manifest through waves and frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.

And each one of those inventions began as an idea in a human brain, the most supremely perfected transmitter and receiver.

Every moment in time is pregnant with possibilities that manifest through consciousness; and it's been scientifically demonstrated that energy observed is energy affected, in a lifelong dance to the music of the spheres:
"[A] beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. . .when under observation, electrons are being "forced" to behave like particles and not like waves."

Within an earthly construct of free will and cause & effect, all souls dance to the music of the spheres.

Whatever we may call it, there's still so much to learn about our invisible world of energy.

"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." ~ Physicist Max Planck

"The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine." ~ Physicist Sir James Jeans

by Dr. Percy Seymour

Amazon: "Dr Percy Seymour is an astrophysics professor with 33 years' experience of research on magnetic fields. This book provides some answers to the enduring question: is there any link between the cosmos and life on earth?"

Like all scientists who set out to disprove astrology, Dr. Seymour discovered its scientific foundation instead. And lucky for us he's shared what he's learned, that electromagnetism is the key to understanding planetary dynamics.


Free will and cause & effect are the divine laws in which planetary dynamics operate. Though 'luck' may seem random, it's an earned effect, whether or not we remember the cause. The Creator started the celestial engine then took a backseat, so to speak.

The heavens bespeak the glory of the Lord and the vault of heaven reveals His handiwork." ~ Genesis

Energy never dies and re-embodiment of the spirit is the divine law of cause and effect. What goes around comes around. . .and around and around. We inherit the world we collectively create, so we're truly all in this together.

Whether conscious or unconscious, we're driven by the spirit's impulse to grow and evolve. And because free will reigns supreme in both body and spirit, we choose the circumstances we're reborn into, always an echo of past actions and relationships - no square pegs in round holes.

For over 40 years, Dr. Ian Stevenson investigated the stories of thousands of children who remember their past lives. Similar appearance, personality and biological traits from the most recent life and accurate, vivid memories of past events and people leave little doubt of reincarnation.

Since Dr. Stevenson's passing in 2007, his collaborator, Jim B. Tucker, continues this groundbreaking research at the University of Virginia. And he recently released the book Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives.

Dr. Stevenson's case studies are all available in print. And his book Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect suggests that spirit memory imprints on DNA.

"The teaching most securely identified with Pythagoras is metempsychosis, or the "transmigration of souls", which holds that every soul is immortal and, upon death, enters into a new body. He may have also devised the doctrine of musica universalis, which holds that the planets move according to mathematical equations and thus resonate to produce an inaudible symphony of music." ~ Wikipedia on Pythagoras

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms
of energy, frequency and vibration." ~ Nikola Tesla


The principles of energy are illustrated in ancient forms across the globe. A carving from Renaissance Italy of the Music of the Spheres resembles the chakra system and the judaic tree of life - the 'sephirot'. And all correspond to the spine and to planetary dynamics. . .

music of the spheres; chakra system; tree of life

DNA resembles the ancient Egyptian caduceus - two serpents around a staff. And the caduceus symbolizes the central nervous system around the spinal column. And space contains nebulas that resemble DNA. The large is reflected in the small and everything is connected, apparently to Kevin Bacon...

dna strand; ancient Egyptian caduceus; dna nebula; kevin bacon

"The question of all questions for humanity, the problem which lies behind all others and is more interesting than any of them, is that of the determination of man's place in nature and his relation to the cosmos." ~ T.H. Huxley


map section of the human genetic code

Geneticists have been collecting data for a few decades, looking for patterns to help them predict human character and behavior. Astrologers have done the same for thousands of years, yet geneticists who ridicule astrology proudly claim there's a 'leadership gene'.

It's been scientifically demonstrated that DNA consists of shifting photons of light, as reported by David Wilcock in his best-selling book, The Synchronicity Key. So I believe the day will come when the connection between DNA and planetary dynamics is discovered, assuming it hasn't been already.


In 1998, Robert O. Becker's best-selling book The Body Electric enlightened millions. Becker was a pioneer in the field of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in all living things. His work has been expanded into many areas, most notably the healing arts.


In 1939, Ukranian engineer Semyon Kirlian began to photograph the force field within and around everything, even inanimate objects, like these two pennies for your thoughts..

Millennials & Astrology
the future looks bright!

Despite Establishment ridicule of all things astrology
[as the elite quietly benefit from its wisdom]
Millennials see the truth and light the way.

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"The question of all questions for humanity, the problem which lies behind all others and is more interesting than any of them, is that of the determination of man's place in nature and his relation to the cosmos." ~ T.H. Huxley

"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance." ~ Nikola Tesla

"Practices do not persist for thousands of years, and in diverse cultures, without results. ~ Lawrence Spector, NY Assistant Professor of Mathematics, on astrology

"The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world; unconsciously remembers it and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind." ~ Johannes Kepler, Harmonics Mundi

"The Vegetative Universe, opens like a flower from the Earths center In which is Eternity. It expands from Stars to the Mundane Shell. And there it meets Eternity again, both within and without." ~ William Blake

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." ~ Nikola Tesla

"The celestial bodies are the cause of all that takes place in the sublunar world." ~ Thomas Aquinas

"Astronomy compels the soul to look upward and leads us from this world to another." ~ Plato

"The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in a relation with the motions of the universe." ~ Louis Pasteur

:The heavens bespeak the glory of the Lord and the vault of heaven reveals His handiwork." ~ Genesis

"It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature draw their causes from the enveloping heavens." ~ Claudius Ptolemy

"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician." ~ Hippocrates

"Astrology is astronomy brought down to Earth and applied toward the affairs of men." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A most unfailing experience... of the excitement of sublunary natures by the conjunctions and aspects of the planets has instructed and compelled my unwilling belief." ~ Johann Kepler

"Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars." ~ Emerson

"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician." ~ Hippocrates

"I always keep my weather eye on the opposition of my seventh house Moon to my first house Mars." ~ President Theodore Roosevelt

"Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer." ~ J.P. Morgan

"We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with." ~ D.H. Lawrence

"There shall be signs in the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars." ~ Jesus Christ

"Astrology interested us, for it tied men to the system. Instead of an isolated beggar, the farthest star felt him and he felt the star. However rash and however falsified by pretenders and traders in it, the hint was true and divine, the soul's avowal of its large relations and that climate, century, remote natures as well as near, are part of its biography." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"That we can now think of no mechanism for astrology is relevant but unconvincing. No mechanism was known, for example, for continental drift when it was proposed by Wegener. Nevertheless, we see that Wegener was right, and those who objected on the grounds of unavailable mechanism were wrong." ~ Carl Sagan

"[H]is gaze wandered from the windows to the stars, as if he would have read in them something that was hidden from him. Many of us would, if we could; but none of us so much as know our letters in the stars yet - or seem likely to do it in this state of existence - and few languages can be read until their alphabets are mastered." ~ Charles Dickens, Edwin Drood

"We do not ask for what useful purpose the birds do sing, for song is their pleasure since they were created for singing. Similarly, we ought not to ask why the human mind troubles to fathom the secrets of the heavens. The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great and the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment." ~ Johannes Kepler

"Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer." ~ Benjamin Franklin

"Do not Christians and Heathens, Jews and Gentiles, poets and philosophers, unite in allowing the starry influences?" ~ Sir Walter Scott

"Without astrology man treads, as it were, in the dim twilight of ignorance." ~ Luke Dennis Broughton, The Elements of Astrology

"A touchstone to determine the actual worth of an "intellectual", find out how he feels about astrology." ~ Robert Heinlein

"You know, I designed the Queen crest. I simply combined all the creatures that represent our star signs-and I don't even believe in astrology." ~ Freddie Mercury

"Astrology: do we make a hullabaloo among the stars, or do they make a hullabaloo down here?" ~ Mason Cooley

"An Astronomer who denies Astrology, is like a butcher who recognizes the brain but is unaware of its transmission of waves." ~ Ahmed Hulusia, From Friend to Friend

"All anyone can see in a birthchart are tendencies that will become facts if he does not do something to alter them." ~ Isabel Hickey

"Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." ~ Dane Rudhyar

"The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver." ~ Author Unknown

"About astrology and palmistry: they are good because they make people vivid and full of possibilities." ~ Kurt Vonnegut

"Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality." ~ Steven Forrest

"Our jovial star reigned at his birth." ~ William Shakespeare

"There's some ill planet reigns: I must be patient till the heavens look With an aspect more favourable." ~ William Shakespeare

"It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology." ~ Donald Regan

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves; we are underlings." ~ William Shakespeare

"There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life." ~ Varahamihira

"A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma." ~ Sri Yukteswar Giri

"I find my zenith doth depend upon A most auspicious star, whose influence If now I court not, but omit, my fortunes Will ever after droop." ~ William Shakespeare

"The stars which shone over Babylon and the stable in Bethlehem still shine as brightly over the Empire State Building and your front yard today..." ~ Linda Goodman

"I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream." ~ Vincent Van Gogh

"All of us are truly and literally a little bit of stardust." ~ William Fowler

"Heaven sends down its good and evil symbols and wise men act accordingly." ~ Confucius

"Astrology [is] the noblest of sciences." ~ Dante

"These auspicious aspects, which the astrologers subsequently interpreted for me, may have been the causes of my preservation." ~ Goethe

"The fact that it is possible to construct, in adequate fashion, a person's character from the data of his nativity, shows the validity of astrology." ~ Dr Carl G. Jung

"We are merely the stars' tennis-balls, struck and banded which way please them." ~ John Webster

"I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical." ~ Arthur C. Clarke

"Failure or success seem to have been allotted to men by their stars. But they retain the power of wriggling, of fighting with their star or against it, and in the whole universe the only really interesting movement is this wriggle." ~ E.M. Forster

"I will look on the stars and look on thee, and read the page of thy destiny." ~ Letitia Elizabeth Landon

"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." ~ Max Planck

"The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts.
The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins.
The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever.
Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus?
But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time."
~ D.H. Lawrence

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