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If Election Results Parallel Facebook Activity Trump Wins in a NEAR SWEEP!

Artificial Intelligence System Predicts Donald Trump Wins -Correct Last 3 US Pez Elections

The Trump Landslide is About to Begin [and Why Some Haters Still Think It's Impossible!]

"A SURPRISINGLY STRONG WIN FOR TRUMP" Says Prof. Clifford Thies Predicts

Bill Mitchell: ABC just predicted a Trump LANDSLIDE of 700,000 votes in FL.

Nate Silver: Hillary Is 'One State Away' From Losing the Electoral College...

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Predicting Trump Winning in a Landslide

Early Voting In Florida Shows Trump Winning Election By Landslide

Scientific Poll Shows Trump With "Yuge" Lead in Swing States

Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts Brexit-like Victory for Trump

Vegas Predicts Trump Landslide [VIDEO]


Market Indicator Gives Trump An 86% Chance Of Winning The Election

TRUMP and Hillary Hold Rallies in Tampa - Trump Gets 20,000, Hillary 2,000

Trump will win the election and is more popular than Obama in 2008, AI system finds

This stock market metric says the likely winner is...Trump

New Information Supports Trump Win and Possible Landslide

Professor who's predicted 30 years of presidential elections correctly is doubling down on a Trump win

Clinton Chief Wanted Fake 'Decoy' Leaks After Email Scandal Broke

Internal Polls: Trump Landslide [video]

Trump is leading in a landslide at 70%

Proof the Polls Are Phony to Enable A Steal

Media Hiding Proof Trump is Winning

Great Trump Video from the Alex Jones Channel

Here's The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn't See

Fake Websites, Fake Polls, Fake News, Fake Leaks: The Desperate Maneuvers of the Losing Clinton Campaign

Electoral College via UPI/CVoter state tracking poll: Trump leads with 49.38% / Clinton with 46.89%

New National Poll of 50k People Has Dramatically Different Outcome Than Media Polling

BY THE NUMBERS=> Here Is Proof of the Looming Trump Landslide

Majority of snap polls show Trump won all three debates by a landslide

Trump 54% and Stein 20% leads Clinton

Trump By A Landslide?

Phony Polls

EXPOSE: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Populist Hero Donald Trump Incites Boos from Elite

Anti-Trump Violence Sweeps the Nation, Media Ignores

More proof that patriotism is alive and well in America - how many do you think are voting for Hillary?

.. Poll: National Anthem Protests Leading Cause For NFL Ratings Drop

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Anonymous Warns Trump Of Election Fraud

100,000 ZIP Poll: Trump Landslide Win

50,000 In 50 States: Trump Landslide Win

Google Trends Indicate Trump Landslide Win

Professor Helmut Norpoth Predicts: Trump Will Win

Professor Alan Lichtman Predicts: Trump Will Win

ANONYMOUS: Trump Landslide Win [video & transcript]

ANONYMOUS: The Polls Are Rigged [video & transcript]

ANONYMOUS: Electronic Voting Machine Rigging [video & transcript]

ANONYMOUS: Media Dirty Tricks [video & transcript]

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Trump Says Polls Showing Clinton Winning Are 'Phony.' His Argument Is Ludicrous

Online Polls Are "Garbage," But Fox News Still Cites Them

Delusional: Trump brags he won 'every' garbage online poll but scientific polls are 'meaningless'

New Reuters Poll Proves Trump's Campaign is Almost Literally a Pile of Garbage

Fox News memo to staff: Stop promoting unscientific garbage online polls

CNN just called all polls showing Trump won "Garbage"

Trumpers say he won debate because of fake online polls. Sad!

SNARK: How I know Donald Trump is going to win the election in a landslide


Phony Polls: CHECK
Media Complicity: CHECK
Electronic Voting Fix: CHECK
Election Day Operatives: CHECK
Discredit Your Opponent's Landslide: CHECK

Mediated ~ Biased Selection ~ No Transparency

Autonomous ~ Impartial ~ Open to All

They say it's wishful thinking to believe the evidence of a landslide..

... so what kind of thinking denies the evidence?

Programmer Under Oath Tells How Electronic Vote Fraud is Done

A glimpse of reality...

50,000 Supporters Arrive To A Florida Trump Rally

while at the very same time in Florida...

30 Supporters Show up for A Kaine Rally

Yet Trump has a "two point edge"? There's gullible, and then there's idiotic.

Gloomberg: Trump Has 2-Point Edge in Florida

The truth is out there...


Conducting an election poll may seem simple: ask a group of voters across the political spectrum which candidate they support. But not according to Polling Experts. They claim it's a complex process that requires very specialized knowledge. One Polling Expert kindly explained it to me on Breitbart after I expressed my preference for the autonomy and impartiality of digital polls:

"[M]argin of error (which indicates the result of a calculation that shows how much the opinions of the real group that the sample is supposed to represent can diverge from the number given by the poll; a good margin of error is about 3%, and the lower it is, the more serious the poll is, whereas a margin of 5% and higher means that it's probably too biased to be useful) The extent to which the sample group is representative of the entire population (this largely depends on methodology, and is more complicated to assess as the reader of a poll, because it has to do with WHAT measures the pollster took to guarantee that the sample isn't biased, and there are different methodologies out there; what is certain is that a poll that doesn't even mention this point cannot be used). What you need is a REPRESENTATIVE sample, and it's because that's VERY hard to obtain, that you cannot possibly create a sample of tens of thousands of people all while still having a reasonably low margin of error. I'm not claiming that the people who designed the first poll you mentioned are necessarily "agenda poll" people. To me, it rather seems that they don't have any polling experience, and just invented a way of polling themselves. That COULD result in a valid poll, in theory, of course. But once you get to 50.000 large samples, that becomes truly impossible, no matter WHAT methodology you use, you see?"

Well, maybe after my eyes uncross.

Has the press finally convinced us that the most popular candidate in American history is truly running neck & neck with the most corrupt? That the excitement on the ground means nothing and the digital polls are "garbage"? HELL NO!

Six Globalist Media Giants Own 90% of What We Read, Watch & Listen To

so it's no surprise that...

91% of the Media Coverage of Populist Trump is Hostile

or that...

It is Now Totally Legal for the Media To Lie

or that...

Only 6% of Americans Trust The Media

that results in this...

Trump Leading 67% to Clinton's 19% in National Poll of 50,000 Voters

denied by disinfo like this...

No matter how garbage the poll, if it shows that Donald Trump won the debate, he'll endorse it

to believably pull off this...

Rigging an election: Professor proves electronic voting machines are ridiculously bereft of security

To counter their big lies...


* The Trump Landslide is About to Begin [and Why Some Haters Still Think It's Impossible!]

* Bill Mitchell: ABC just predicted a Trump LANDSLIDE of 700,000 votes in FL.

* Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Predicting Trump Winning in a Landslide

* Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts Brexit-like Victory for Trump

* Vegas Predicts Trump Landslide [VIDEO]

* Market Indicator Gives Trump An 86% Chance Of Winning The Election

* BREAKING: Biggest Election Fraud in History:

* BREAKING: Election Theft Algorithm Uncovered:

* How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong:

* This stock market metric says the likely winner is...Trump:

* Reliable AI system predicts Trump will win:

* Trump Leading 67% to Clinton's 19% in National Poll of 50,000 Voters:

* Trump leading 64% to Clinton's 36% in ZIP Poll of 100,000 Voters:

* New Information Supports Trump Landslide:

* Support for Trump Vastly Underreported:

* Trump Rally Nearly Every Day! Up To 35,000 Supporters! Standing Room Only! 400+ To Date! Media Ignores!:

* 87% certainty Trump will win:

* Google Trends Indicate Trump Landslide

* Media Rigging The Polls, Hiding New Evidence Proving Trump Is Winning:

* Trump is leading in a landslide at 70%:

* Media Hiding Proof Trump is Winning:

* These numbers don't lie! Donald Trump is 10 times more popular than Clinton:

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* Trump Recruits Monitors for Polling Places:

* Electronic Voting Machine Fix Caught on Camera! Voter Selects Republican, Goes to Democrat!

* Where Are The Invisible Hillary Supporters?:

* 50,000 Supporters Wait in Line for 12 Hours for Florida Trump Rally:

* Same Day, 30 Supporters Show up for Florida Kaine Rally:

* Media Hiding Proof Trump is Winning:

* Fake Websites, Fake Polls, Fake News, Fake Leaks:

* Voting Machine Caught on Camera Casting Ballot for Democrat when Selecting Republican!

* New National Poll of 50k People Has Dramatically Different Outcome Than Media Polling:

* Majority of snap polls show Trump won all three debates by a landslide:

* Trump By A Landslide:

* Professor Allan Lichtman says Donald Trump is headed for a win - he's predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly:

* Professor Allan Lichtman is Doubling Down on his Prediction:

* Online Poll: TRUMP 90% / CLINTON 10%:

* Here's The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn't See:

* ANONYMOUS: Why Trump will Win and Why The Polls are Rigged!:


* ANONYMOUS: Media Hiding New Evidence of Landslide Win:

* Six Globalist Media Giants Own 90% of What We Read, Watch, or Listen To...

* 91% of the Media Coverage of Populist Trump Is Hostile:

* The Media Can Legally Lie...

* Only 6% Trust The Media:

* Hacking Democracy:

* Black Box Voting:

* Black Box Voting Fraction Magic

A few of many stories that prove the media's conjured Trumpenstein monster is a Big Hideous Lie...

Few people get asked if they'll consider running for president, all of them exceptional.. Donald Trump has been asked repeatedly for over 35 years. Here are 3 of those times...

* 1980 Donald Trump Interview with Rona Barrett:

* 1988 Donald Trump Interview with Oprah Winfrey:

* 1989 Tour de Trump:

* Trump's art of the deal - Dispute your bills:

* Faster & Cheaper, Trump Finishes NYC's Wollman Ice Rink

* Trump reports Large Profit From Wollman Rink

* Black Pastors endorse Donald Trump:

* The Trump Family I Know ~ by Lynne Patton:

*"[T'he dearest, most thoughtful, most loyal, most caring man"

* Why I Support Donald Trump: He's The New Roosevelt:

* President of the Peoples Party of Belgium Praises Donald Trump:

* Furious former Miss California is not letting NY Times get away with hit piece lies:

* Ex-girlfriend hits back at NY Times' shocking way she says it changed her words:

Few people are asked if they'd consider running for president, all of them exceptional. Donald Trump has been asked repeatedly for over three decades. Here are three of many...

1989 [VIDEO] ~ 1988 [VIDEO] ~ 1980 [VIDEO]

DONALD TRUMP 1980: I would dedicate my life to this country, but I see it as being a mean life. And I also see it as---that somebody with strong views, and somebody with the kind of views that are maybe a little bit unpopular, which may be right, but may be unpopular, wouldn't necessarily have a chance at getting elected against somebody with no great brain but a big smile."

But most Americans have nothing to smile about & one great leader knows it.

Trump Landslide Win - Overwhelming Evidence [VIDEO]

Media Hiding New Evidence Proving Trump Is WINNING

There's no doubt about it. The liberal media's polls are rigged from the bottom up. How do we know this? Simple social media.
Trump's following on the local social media network absolutely blow Clinton out of the water. Allow me to prove it...
Trump: 10,174,358 likes
Clinton: 5,385, 959 likes
Trump nearly doubles the amount of likes than Clinton now. Some people follow Trump who don't like him, so let's look at some posts.. here's the stats for his latest Facebook livestream...
Trump livestream posts 21 hours ago:
1.1 million views

Clinton livestream posts 25 hours ago:

Since Clinton has zero shares, here's the next-best original posts I could find from Clinton, albeit it's not a livestream, post - Clinton post, 30 hours ago:

Any way you slice it, Trump is crushing Clinton on Facebook interaction. One quick note regarding Facebook: You'll find that on almost half of Clinton FB posts, the top comments are from Trump supporters, whereas the top comments on Trump's page are hardcore supporters only.

Trump: 10.6 million followers
Hillary: 8.1 million followers
Trump has 30% more Twitter followers, and they translate into real votes. A recent study confirmed that 70% of his followers are real supporters, and 90% of those real followers have a voting history.

Hillary's Twitter army is likely made up of dead voter and illegals.

YOUTUBE livestream..
Trump: averages 30,000 live viewers per stream
Clinton: averages 500 live viewers per stream

Trump has 5900% more live viewers than Clinton.

Trump: 2.2 million followers
Clinton: 1.8 million followers

Trump has 22% more Instagram followers, which is impressive considering it's a liberal cesspool consisting of college hipsters who can't seem to take enough selfies.

Trump: 197,696 subscribers
Hillary: 24,429 subscribers
Hillary for Prison: 55,228 subscribers

Hillary for Prison's REDDIT feed has more than double subscribers of Hillary's REDDIT page, equating to Trump having 700% more REDDIT subscribers.
Don't listen to the lying media. The only legitimate attack they have left is Trump's poll numbers. Social media proves the GOP nominee has strong foundation and a firm backing. Understand this: CNN and MSNBC poll numbers are fake. Anonymous prediction: Trump will win the White House. We are Anonymous.


"Based on the stats we see, he looks strong," says Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons, maker of the Zip question and answer app. His app poses questions and polls responses based on an average of 100,000 daily users. "I go with Trump, based on what we see."

How can Zip's results be so different?
"We're not a poll. We're a conversation, and 100% anonymous," Militi says. "People feel comfortable answering questions without fear of being bullied or being called a racist. People can express themselves safely, and you get a pure answer."

Militi and Zip co-founder Alanna Markey guested on an extended #TalkingTech podcast episode, explaining why they believe their app can become the "Google of opinions" by using the power of social media instead of calling people on the phone to get their opinions.

Zip, which launched in February, tells [citizens] the app "resolves debates and sparks conversation," and suggests that folks use the app to "settle bets, win arguments, find a pick-up line and earn bragging rights." Folks can either pose or answer questions and see the instant results from a cross-section of demographics and geography.

Some Zip questions: "New polls suggest Trump is getting crushed by Clinton. Do they reflect how you are going to vote?"

Some 64% told Zip they would vote for Trump, compared to 36% for Clinton.

"California, who you voting for?" Trump got 55%, compared to 45% for Clinton.

Militi insists his replies are a cross-section of voters in age, gender and geography. "These are the same results we saw when he (Trump) was in the primaries," he says. He contends that most media polls are just flat-out wrong and that smartphone answers are the future.

Douglas Rivers, a Stanford University political science professor and chief scientist for YouGov, which conducts online polls with such partners as CBS and the Economist, disagrees. "What do they know about these people?" Rivers says. "We worry a lot about who we're talking to."

So either the traditional polls are right or Militi is onto something, with a different way of polling that lets citizens answer more openly. We'll find out on Nov. 8, when voters go to the real polls.



For months the mainstream media has conducted a number of skewed polls with results taken from small samples in areas that predominantly vote towards one political ideology (Democrat).

The Arizona Freedom Alliance Conducted a poll of 1000 people from every state and intentionally called 33% Democrats 33% Republicans and 34% Independents with a total of 50,000 people being polled. The results were Trump winning by a landslide. Constitution.com reported: "We've been telling you the difference between a media poll and an internal poll. Media polls are driven by the desire to achieve a certain outcome.

The media is jerking our chain. DO NOT believe them. The only polls that can be believed are internal polls that are rarely made public. While the poll below is not an internal poll, it was done in a most interesting manner - with no perceived bias. And it is YUGE!"

"We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick. Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two."

Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage. Trump 33478 votes 67% Clinton 9788 Votes 19% Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%."

Google Trends Indicate Trump Landslide LINK

Ethan Pepper
August 30, 2016

Google results indicate strong Trump support.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I had ever seen a Hillary Clinton yard sign in real life. After giving it some thought, I realized that the answer to that question was no. I searched Google for Trump terms and was surprised by the results.

Without giving out my address, let's just say that I live in a very blue state. Shockingly, I have never actually seen any houses showing support for Hillary Clinton. After realizing this, I decided to fire up Google and see what the data looks like.

First off, I wanted to see which candidate was getting more searches. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is absolutely crushing it in search frequency. By just how much? Almost three times as much!

Granted, average monthly searches are not an indicator as to who is going to win the election. However, it does show just how important it is to have a totally unbiased search engine that does not favor one candidate over another.

Next, I wanted to compare how often people were googling the phrases "Clinton sign" and "Trump sign". As expected, Trump is destroying Hillary in campaign sign searches as well.

Obviously, not everyone who looks up political signs are going to purchase them. But, it's pretty obvious that Trump has more people interested in supporting his movement versus the number of people Hillary has supporting her ... turn? Regardless, let's take a look at presidential sign searches over the years and see which candidates ended up winning.

Kerry vs Bush 2004

Obama vs McCain 2008

Obama vs Romney 2012

One thing that I found interesting was that Romney did have a slight edge over Obama in sign searches. Although, if the Trump versus Hillary sign searches resemble anything like the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton is going to lose and she's going to lose big time.

Moving on, let's take a look at a few more related search phrases to see if they could indicate a landslide for Trump. The theme we're going to be looking at here is merchandise searches.

Hillary's Keyword Data

Trump's Keyword Data

First off, I find it hilarious that "Hillary for prison shirt" is getting more searches than "Hillary bumper sticker". The fact that Hillary can hardly get people to organically search for her merchandise should be a pretty telling sign that the general population really has no support for Hillary Clinton. The one thing that we know for certain is that not many people are buying her shit.

Trump may be destroying Hillary in merchandise and slogan searches, but what other search terms could help indicate a Trump landslide? Before I move on to that, I just want you to take a look at the line graph for slogan searches. Hillary's low energy, "I'm with Her" slogan has barely seen a blip of growth compared to Make America Great Again.

How pathetic! The next area I looked into was what the data looks like for how often people are Googling "Clinton rally," "Trump rally," and I even threw in "Sanders rally" just for fun. As you can imagine, Trump blows Crooked Hillary out of the water. But, what about Sanders? He had thousands of passionate people lining up to see him too, right?

I'm well aware that just because people are Googling "Trump rally" it doesn’t necessarily mean they will attend. However, "Trump rally near me" is more popular than both Hillary and Bernie combined. Sorry, Hillary ... no one wants to even hear you speak.

In conclusion, I had one more phrase that I wanted to examine: "policies". Except -- this time -- I wanted to tweak my search settings to get data from each state individually. The conclusion I drew was that the phrase "Trump's policies" was not just a more popular search in each swing state, but in every state in the union. The closest to comparable results was Virginia.

Obviously, just because Trump yields more hit results doesn't mean people will like his polices better. I contend the most interesting thing to take away from the above image is that Hillary's policies have lost significant interest over time.

Finally, I'm unsure if Google's data may indicate a landslide for Trump. I'm only confident that people -- since Obama has taken office -- are bound to be butt hurt by the end of this election.

BIO Ethan Pepper: With over 5 years experience in content management, internet marketing, social media and search engine optimization - Ethan Pepper has decided to utilize his technical abilities to help fight Globalism.


Professor Allan Lichtman says Donald Trump is headed for a win - he's predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly....

Professor Allan Lichtman...has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1984...[H]e uses a system of true/false statements he calls the "Keys to the White House" to determine his predicted winner. And this year, he says, Donald Trump is the favorite to win.

The keys, which are explained in depth in Lichtman's book "Predicting the Next President: The Keys to the White House 2016" are:

1. Party Mandate: After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than after the previous midterm elections.
2. Contest: There is no serious contest for the incumbent party nomination.
3. Incumbency: The incumbent party candidate is the sitting president.
4. Third party: There is no significant third party or independent campaign.
5. Short-term economy: The economy is not in recession during the election campaign.
6. Long-term economy: Real per capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms.
7. Policy change: The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy.
8. Social unrest: There is no sustained social unrest during the term.
9. Scandal: The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal.
10. Foreign/military failure: The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs.
11. Foreign/military success: The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs.
12. Incumbent charisma: The incumbent party candidate is charismatic or a national hero.
13. Challenger charisma: The challenging party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero.

Professor who's predicted 30 years of presidential elections correctly is doubling down on a Trump win.


Forecast Model Batting 5 for 5 (since 1996)

by Professor Helmut Norpoth

[T]he PRIMARY MODEL, with slight modifications, has correctly predicted the winner of the popular vote in all five presidential elections since it was introduced in 1996. In recent elections the forecast has been issued as early as January of the election year.

It is a statistical model that relies on presidential primaries and an election cycle as predictors of the vote in the general election.

After two terms of Democrat Barack Obama in the White House the electoral pendulum is poised to swing to the GOP this year.

Donald Trump is predicted to defeat Hillary Clinton by 52.5% to 47.5% of the two-party vote.

Presidential elections going back as far as 1912 are used to estimate the weight of primary performance. It was in 1912 that presidential primaries were introduced. That year the candidate who won his party's primary vote, Woodrow Wilson, went on to defeat the candidate who lost his party's primary vote, William Howard Taft. As a rule, the candidate with the stronger primary performance wins against the candidate with the weaker primary performance. For elections from 1912 to 2012 the PRIMARY MODEL picks the winner, albeit retroactively, every time except in 1960.

For elections prior to 1952 all primaries were included. Beginning in 1952, only the New Hampshire Primary has been used, as a rule. South Carolina has been added to gauge primary performance this year. Hillary Clinton enjoys strong support in a large group of voters, African-Americans, who are few in numbers in New Hampshire. Her combined performance in New Hampshire and South Carolina gives her a higher primary score than Sanders. As a result, in the general election Clinton fares less badly against Trump than does Sanders.

An earlier forecast, which garnered much notoriety, predicted a Trump victory over Clinton with 97% certainty. That prediction was made before the Democratic primary in South Carolina was held and relied on polling reports for that state. Clinton wound up beating Sanders by a much bigger margin than was indicated by pre-primary polls. Still, it is 87% certain that Trump will defeat Clinton in November.

87%-99% Certain Trump Will Be President

ANONYMOUS: Electronic Vote Machine Hacking [VIDEO]

The Fake Polls are Setting Up Hillary Clinton Win

"Good evening, brothers and sisters. We are here to talk about a message to the Trump Team. The Fake Polls are Setting Up Hillary Clinton Win Via Electronic Vote machine hacking. The media polls are already reflecting the flipped vote. Don't let this be the greatest vote theft of all time. The fake polls are framing a Hillary's win as a plausible outcome, while the electronic voting machines were made to be hacked and Oh, they will be. You think the global elite will allow a loss of power? We doubt it. Hillary will win unless adequate countermeasures are activated to mitigate the vote hacking.

Here is one way Trump can prevent the greatest election theft of all time: One way is to send a team of two exit pollers, one statistician and one attorney to each precinct in the swing state districts where it will be stolen: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, etcetera - the swing states.

When shenanigans are identified, and there will be many, the team needs to activate an official complaint and go viral the same day. Don't wait - that's what they want is a delay, while the election gets certified in the background. It is to be a legal complaint that brings the cops in and maybe the government.

The media polls are already reflecting the flipped vote. It's common knowledge the electronic voting machines can be hacked to flip the votes from one candidate to the other. The current polls showing Hillary's gaining and Trump slumping are, in reality, reversed. This is a set-up, all laying the foundation for flipping Hillary's horrendous popularity with Trump's huge popularity so that when they flip the votes in the swing state districts to squeak it out for Hillary, she'd begrudgingly go along with the result and the even guys win.

Just look at Hillary's crowds and Trump's crowds and the recent polling sequence since the beginning of the year and it's easy to see that as Trump's crowds get bigger and Hillary's smaller, the polls reflect Hillary's lead inching forward and Trump's polling slumping. It's clear the globalists' media is prepping for the vote flipping in those key state district precincts.

Trump's Team needs to identify those precincts in those districts in those swing states that the globalists are targeting for the vote flip. They have the calculation of which little precincts they will send in agents to flip the vote of electronic voting machine with a cell phone. Be alert of this move. Someone get word to the Trump Team - this is the only way he can win. Anonymous and the Collective will be monitoring - what will we be monitoring? Well that we cannot tell you. Operations Voter Fraud will engage November 8th.

We are Anonymous. Expect us.

ANONYMOUS: Why Trump will Win and Why The Polls are Rigged! [VIDEO]

Greetings, World. We are Anonymous...

Well, based on these numbers reflecting a huge Clinton lead, we must assume that Donald Trump has no chance. Why even bother voting? Many who are influenced by the polls will conclude that nothing will ever change because [?] the polls say so.

As people share their doubts about the viability about a Trump presidency, the doubt spawned by the polls will grow like wildfire. The polls' negative projections about Donald Trump's chances will cause all but the diehard supporters to lose interest because their candidate cannot win.

As the principle of groupthink kicks in, the doubt in Trump's chances will spread exponentially. Why? Because some poll told them that was the case. Hence, this is how polls can help determine election outcomes.

The polls are often wrong. The polls have a very poor track record of being correct. Even the MSM entity, U.S. News, vilifies the use of polls inaccurately predicting election results. in 2012 his own campaign's polls, among others, predicted Mitt Romney, the republican's nominee, would defeat President Barack Obama for the presidency. But just barely two years later surveys in Kentucky strongly suggested then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, perhaps the shortest, most powerful republican in Washington, could lose his seat to an upstart rookie democrat. Obviously neither event ever came close to happening.

The political experts don't trust polls. Tess Uurken [?], a polling expert at Rutgers University stated that polls can no longer make fine distinctions. People can trust polls on broad issues, like what voters are most concerned about, but not so much on the political horse race.

Selinda Lake, a pollster, political consultant and President of Microsearch Partners, a Washington DC based polling firm, says polling has seen kind of a steady decline. It's getting harder to reach people. It's also harder to get them to cooperate.

Michael Traggart is a University of Michigan political science professor who specializes in polling and opinion surveys and he has stated that polls cannot be trusted for a variety of reasons, and that he is in agreement with Gallup when they say the industry is in need of a  major overhaul.

What many of these experts are referring to is the death of the legitimacy of public opinion polls due to insufficient sample size. When polls do not have enough participants, the results cannot be considered to be valid. The way that polls cover up this deficiency is to report an official sounding statistic that gives fake legitimacy to the results.

For example, the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%. In actuality, a legitimate poll would stay something like the statistical confidence level with regard to the accuracy of this poll is 95% or higher. The representation of this notion is usually expressed as a level of confidence, and it looks like this: PE = .05. If you don't see this statistic, the poll, on its face, is unreliable.

The Tavistock Institute and the Use of Public Opinion Polls Dating Back to 1913
The Tavistock Institute used polls to shape public opinion into accepting Britain's entry into World War One. The plan to create public opinion through the fake reporting of bogus polling data began as a propaganda factory centering on dwellings and houses in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliff, Britain's most influential newspaper magnate, as its director. Lord Northcliff's position was supervised by Lord Rothmee on behalf of the British Crown.

The operational staff of Wellington House onsisted of Lord Northcliff and Arnold Twomey. According to John Coleman--John Coleman, the author of the classic book Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, was one of the first writers to call attention to the existence of Tavistock in 1969. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Subsequently, we learned from Coleman's book that polls were designed to not really measure public opinion, they were designed to shape public opinion. One of he chief methods that unscrupulous polls use to report fake results is to select a biased sample. For example, if one is using phone samplings to gather voting preferences, one merely needs to target neighborhoods which historically favor one party over the other in order to get the predetermined results that one is looking for.

This violates the principle of random selection of subjects to poll and this completely invalidates any survey results. In polling, the fox should not be allowed to watch the henhouse.

There is yet another factor in the creation of fake polling results and it has to do with who's conducting the surveys and who owns the polling company through direct ownership or subsidiary holdings. For example, when CBS News conducts a survey, they are not going to work against their own organization.

The Rockefellers used to own CBS directly. Today, through a complicated set of intertwining and overlapping boards of directorate and subsidiary holdings, their controller, the CBS is obfuscated from public view. Nevertheless, they still control CBS and every poll about their selection from this organization must be viewed with suspicion. Why? Rockefeller Industries are some of the chief beneficiaries of the free trade agreements. David Rockefeller is permitted to close down American factories and unemploy millions of workers while seeking cheap labor in third world countries. His corporations are allowed to ship these foreign made products laced with the blood of  unemployed American workers, duty-free. This is national economic suicide.

And then here comes Donald Trump on his white horse and he says he's going to tax these imports 35% in an attempt to keep American jobs in America. There is no way that CBS polling is going to be allowed to report that Donald Trump is ever leading in the polls.

The public opinion polls are designed to get the public to forsake Donald Trump on the premise that he cannot win. This is a conclusion fostered by trickery in the polling industry. One can repeat this scenario over and over for each significant poll which is taken and reported to the American people. Polls cannot be trusted.

Conclusion: Americans must be careful to not put any stock into public opinion polls. If America will survive for any length of time, Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to occupy the White House. Whether you like him or not, Trump will slow down the process of the globalists' takeover of America. He is the only option to the immediate and complete tyrannical takeover of America. We must be careful to not let phony polling results influence our perceptions and efforts in supporting Donald Trump. We are Anonymous. Expect us.


Well, here we go again. Media dirty tricks, fake polls from Politico, Quinnipiac, CBS, NBC manipulate polling data to show Hillary with lead over Trump. The liberal media is up to its usual tricks again. CBS: Clinton leads Trump by 10 in national poll; also Politico and Quinnipiac released a poll today that shows Hillary Clinton with a big 10 point lead over Donald Trump. But when you look at the data you see that they have a oversampled democrats and that the race is virtually tied. Even after the non-stop drubbing Trump is getting from the press on a daily basis.

[Sierra Rain, a dominican thinker] reported, "CBS is now pushing the pro-Hillary Clinton polls in rapid fashion", late on Wednesday. This media outlet released the results of a national poll claiming to show that Clinton holds a 6% advanctage over Donald Trump in the direct head-to-head match-up. Apparently the poll was conducted by telephone June 9-13, 2016, among a random sample of 1280  adults nationwide, including 1038 registered voters. the data has been weighted to reflect U.S. census figures on demographic variables.

However, based on the finer details, the final weighted sample of 976 registered voters is made up of just 28% republicans and 35% democrats. In the unweighted sample of registered voters, the relative percentage by party was 29% republicans and 35% democrats. So during the weighting process the polling increased the democrat/republican spread from 6% to 7%. This relative weighting should have been headed in the other direction.

According to national polling data, republican party affiliation has averaged 28% for 2016 so far, and it also averaged 28% since the start of May. This agrees well with the CBS news poll's composition. On the other hand, the last time the democrats were at 35% was in early March of 2013. Since May of this year, democratic party affiliation has averaged 29%, just one percent higher than the republicans, not 7% higher.

As a result, this CBS poll appears to be biased in favor of the democrats by the same margin that CLinton purportedly holds over Trump, meaning that if the bias is removed, so is Clinton's lead and we have a statistical tie.

Likewise, NBC reported Hillary Clinton opened up a 7 point lead over Donald Trump this week, but once again, if you correct for oversampling of democrats you find the race is virtually tied. The Daily Mail reported: Hillary Clinton has opened up a 7 point lead over Donald Trump on an online poll that seems to reflect a bounce for the former Secretary of State, after she wrapped up the democratic nomination last week.

But the weekly tracking poll from NBC and the Sevenyoke Company included the opinions of 7% more self-identified democrats than republicans - the same margin as the polls --- result. That raises questions about the 49/42 result. The most recent Gallup polling on the subject published in January, found the democrats had just a 3% advantage nationally. In that same survey, republican dominated states outnumbered those populated mostly by democrats by a 20/12 margin.

The fraud is clear when Quinnipiac does a poll today out of 1479 voters, 70% have been deemed to be democrats - they are false numbers. And then you have the pundits in the media saying Clinton will win in a landslide.

The bullshit is getting deep, folks, get your boots out. We are Anonymous.

Anonymous Warns Trump of Democrat Election Fraud LINK

Expect Electronic Machines To Be Hacked ~ Be Prepared ~ Don't Allow Certification

More and more people are becoming concerned that the stage has been set and the fix is in for election fraud to steal the upcoming election and award it to Hillary Clinton....The Democrat candidate is a career criminal with failing health and yet the polls show her rising and the man of the people slumping. His crowds dwarf hers, easily drawing ten times the number of enthusiastic supporters to her bussed in union members. Corrupting the polls is part of the process of stealing the election, a fact that Anonymous has picked up on as well.

Anonymous has a message for the Trump campaign, a warning of election fraud that is already underway. The spokesman says, "The fake polls are setting up a Hillary Clinton win by electronic vote machine hacking. The media polls are already reflecting the flipped vote." He implores the American people, “Don’t let this be the greatest vote theft of all time."

"The fake polls are framing Hillary's win as a plausible outcome," he warns,"while the electronic voting machines were made to be hacked, and oh they will be. You think the global elite will allow a loss of power? We doubt it. Hillary will win unless adequate counter measures are activated to mitigate the vote hacking."

He says, "Here is one way Trump can prevent the greatest election theft of all time. One way is to send a team of two exit pollers, one statistician and one attorney, to each precinct in the swing state districts where it will be stolen; Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, etc, the swing states. When shenanigans are identified, and there will be many, the team needs to activate an official complaint and go file on the same day. Don’t wait, that’s what they want is a delay while the election gets certified in the background.

"It has to be a legal complaint that brings the cops in and maybe the government," he says. "The media polls are already reflecting the flipped vote. It's common knowledge the electronic voting machines can be hacked to flip the vote from one candidate to another."

He points out, "The current polls show Hillary as gaining and Trump slumping are in reality reversed. This is a setup, all laying the foundation for flipping Hillary's horrendous popularity with Trump’s huge popularity. So when they flip the votes in the swing states districts to squeak it out for Hillary, she'd begrudgingly go along with the result and the evil guys win."

He says, "Just look at Hillary's crowds and Trump's crowds and the recent polling sequence since the beginning of the year and it's easy to see that as Trump's crowds get bigger and Hillary's smaller, the polls reflect Hillary's lead inching forward and Trump's polling slumping."

Anonymous says, "It's clear the globalists' media is prepping for the vote flip in those key swing states district precincts. Trump's team needs to identity those precincts and those districts in those swing states that the globalists are targeting for the vote flip. They have the calculation of which little precincts they will send in agents to flip the vote of the electronic voting machine with a cell phone. Be alert of this move."

"Someone get word to the Trump team," says Anonymous. "This is the only way he can win. Anonymous and the collective will be monitoring. What will we be monitoring? Well, that, we cannot tell you. Operations Voter Fraud will engage November 8th."

Hello Friends and Readers – As a defender of the US Constitution against the globalist Fascists who are attempting to destroy the United States, censorship is an unfortunate reality. Much of the media, including social media, is under the control of the anti-American globalist camp. Please like me on my New Facebook page that I’ve created in response to strangulation censorship. Find me at Stop The Takeover, https://www.facebook.com/StopTheTakeover/ and please follow me on Twitter @RickRWells I’d also appreciate it if you SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar on my website at http://RickWells.us, as there’s no telling what the America-hating nation pirates will do next. Thanks, Rick

Trump: Phony polls put out by phony media

WaPo's attempt to subdue suspicion?
Clinton lead shrinks by 8 points





Politico: Clinton leads Trump by 7 in Pennsylvania

WaPo: A new Florida poll illuminates Donald Trump's ridiculously narrow path to victory

FOX News: Trump gaining with independents

CBS: Poll: Hillary Clinton holds narrow lead over Donald Trump

NBC: Reality check on Trump's poll numbers: They've been incredibly consistent

Reuters: More Republicans expect Clinton, rather than Trump, to win U.S. election

Daily Caller: Clinton earned 46 percent, and Trump finished closely with 41 percent.

Jacksonville.com: Clinton leads Trump by four points — 43 percent to 39 percent

Chicago Tribune: Donald Trump leads by 2 points in pivotal Florida, new poll shows

Statesman poll shows Trump with 7-point lead over Clinton

MSNBC: RNC in legal trouble over Trump call for poll-watchers

AZ Central: Poll: Clinton up 5 points over Trump in Arizona

AOL: Trump's poll numbers dive as GOP stronghold Texas comes into play

Independence UK: The AP-GfK poll: Ms Clinton over Mr Trump, 51 to 37

FREEP: Donald Trump narrows Hillary Clinton's lead to 7 in Michigan

Endless phony polling data..

A glimpse of reality...

Transcript of the Alex Jones interview with Bev Harris

ALEX JONES: So you have found the motherlode of election fraud?

BEV HARRIS: Yeah, it tells you how to do everything. We found some information, and I think it's the missing piece that we didn't have before. A gentleman by the name of Benny Smith, out of Memphis Tennessee discovered what I would characterize as a master key, which essentially lets one person control invisibly and with remarkable precision, down to the precinct level and down to the type of voting, early voting and so forth, whatever type they want, many different locations at once, multiple counties and multiple states.

It has actually been in the system since---it [was] put in the system in 2001, but it came into wide use in 2006, but it kind of took someone with a special set of skills to know what to look for. He didn't just do like most of the people did, where he says "well let me just look at the program and see what I think", he is a guy who has some background in political forecasting and so forth, and he knew what would be needed. He kind of went "Let me design what I think would be needed in order to succeed with widespread election fraud."

And after he did that he went "Now let me see if the pieces that I know are necessary are built into the system - they should not be." And he was amazed when he found, after looking at the files, that the pieces were built in to commit very large-scale fraud using a feature that had been very little known before.

Well you know, the thing that he felt was needed, which I didn't really understand until I met him and actually started putting together this video, he said the one thing you need, the key element, is you need to have the votes counted as fractions. You need the votes to be counted with decimal places, like you count money. You have to have--not just--if a vote is a dollar, you also have to have cents on the end of it, it's like 16,000.31, right? Why do you need--now, that will not show, it's hidden, but you need that because--he said, you know, there's one thing you don't know, you can't know, before the election, and that's how many people will show up at each polling place in each precinct.

So if you start doing things, like I'm going to do every third vote or I'm gonna add a hundred votes here, you're not gonna be very precise. Instead, you need to do what in finance they call 'an allocation'. You say "whatever number of people show up, the guy's gonna get X % of those votes, whatever they are."

Now think about this.. if you have a hundred votes, and you say "My guy's gonna get 43%, that's 43 votes. But if you have 99 people show up, what's gonna happen? You're gonna end up with 42 point something something something votes. So if your system is not capable of counting votes with decimals, it can't do that allocation.

And so what he did was, he knew that that's how it would have to be done and it would have to be very specific, down to the precinct level--the databases can be configured any way you want, and they should be configured and used to be configured to count each vote as a whole number - it's called counting it as an integer. He went in and looked and said "let me see, it should count it as a whole integer.." They had changed the setting in all of the voting machines in America.

AJ: Oh!

BH: Now this is the master computers, this is not the machines out in the precincts, this is the master computers that control all the voting machines they have in the counties.

AJ: Bev, Bev, this is incredible! Again, time and time again you and your researchers tirelessly around the country have exposed the different ways they're doing it. And so I guess as a top fraud investigator you're able to reverse engineer, "okay if we are going to steal it, how will we do it? Let's look for this..." And then sure enough you've caught them dialing in remotely, you've caught them...

BH: It's amazing, yeah. You know if you--in other words, anybody can sit there and go "well this looks like a vulnerability, theoretically." This is not a theory, this is real. This is something that was put into the system, they actually changed the setting.. we can actually go back and figure out, now that we know it, exactly the date that the setting was changed, and that it migrated to all the other manufacturers in the U.S.

So now, at this point, the setting is in there to be able to allocate votes by percent, and basically 99% of the votes in the U.S. And then he went on and he basically proved it. He said "Now that I know that's in there, I think I can allocate the votes." And it is stunning when you see the demo.

AJ: Let's be clear let's be clear, you're [unintelligible] to the voting software, you go in, it's this algorithm or system to be able to basically program it to show the outcome you want by shaving votes. I mean you know a layperson who's not an expert like you or a top computer programmer, what's happening?

BH: So there's this one central computer which at the end of the day all the votes come to it. That's where you take it--you don't run around to 5000 different things in precincts, you wait til the votes come to you and then you have your way with them. And it's very very precise, it's invisible, and there's abso--it doesn't matter whether the system's on the internet or not, none of the stuff that they say is a protection matters at all. You have your way with them.

Then once you control the votes in whatever way you want for whatever target you want, this can be done by one or a couple of people across whole jurisdictions.

I actually didn't want to write the story unless I was absolutely sure. So not only did I see him do it, but I had him show me how it was done. And I took some vote databases, real vote databases that I have, one of them was the entire state of Alaska, the vote database from the 2004 election. I was able to change every precinct in the state of Alaska in four seconds.

AJ: Is it not clear that Hillary and the media are trying to sell the idea that there isn't election fraud and that Trump's gonna lose by a landslide when the polls and everything else shows something opposite?

BH: Let me put it this way--of course things have been very surprising of late, but if she is still viable in any way, whether or not she wins, she will win.

AJ: Wow. Please say that again?

BH: Whether or not she wins, she will win. Now, she may be removed from office afterwards, and you may recall Richard Nixon was right in the middle of, it had been four months into Watergate scandals and was reelected and removed from office later. But what's so disturbing about that is, you know there's actually some republican elites who might prefer getting her in and removing her from office, rather than having someone they can't control...

AJ: Of course of course. Exactly, exactly! The whole power structure is against Trump, I mean whether he's perfect or good or bad.. I mean we claim we're against the corrupt power structure, then how could we not be for Trump? I mean, I'm sorry.

BH: I'll say this as well.. whatever anyone thinks about the candidate, I will say that when he has brought to the front the issue of tampering with elections, it's one of the most important services that could have been done in the United States, ever.

AJ: You're the expert - what headline do we pout on this, Bev?

BH: Ahh, you're gonna have to choose the headline [laughs]

AJ: No, I just want to be totally accurate, vote fraud expert Bev Harris exposes, you know, the big enchilada or, I mean...

BH: You know I just call it the Magic Key. I mean it really literally is. You picture a janitor going down the hall with a master key jingling at his side, he can open any door with it, there you go. You know we've basically got the Magic Key.

AJ: So you have found the motherlode of election fraud?

BH: Yeah, it tells you how to do everything. And, you know, you really can see it depicted. And it's just...

AJ: And I know you want to give this fella credit, and we are in a moment and I want to get him on and you...

BH: Yeah...

AJ: And you back on, please please, please? I've wanted you on for months, you've been quietly working on this. Briefly though.. George Soros, 16 states, his company, he's connected to others, he's been caught in a lot of stuff.. what do you make of that?

BH: Yeah, I have seen some indicators.. Now there's a company called Dominion, there has been some mistakes, where people thought that Smartmatic was being used. No, Smartmatic hasn't been used here, it's been used in Latin America and a bunch of other places. But he's connected, I think--it's kind of through a couple of hoops, but with a company called Dominion. And Dominion is one of the ones that bought the premier Diebold stuff, and they have now admitted that they fractionalized the count.


BH: mmm-hmm

AJ: So a Soros-connected group

BH: Again, it's--you know, it's sort of connected through a couple of arms lengths, but it's enough so that I wouldn’t call--I think there is some connection--it's just umm, it's like one of his guys' guys. No, I mean there's always going to be a couple of buffers in-between...

AJ: A Soros-connected group, it looks like maybe admitting to be involved in the whole fraction deal. WOW.

BH: Oh they, yeah they have. One of their top guys said that they did it. There's a, person, there's a group called Defend the Vote in Illinois, and the woman involved with that, Sharon Mulroney, actually confronted Dominion and they admitted that they do fractionalize the count and she asked them why and they said "For marketing purposes." [chuckles]

AJ: WOW. They hide it in plain view.

RECENT ABC & MSNBC ONLINE POLLS - now you see them, now you don't...


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