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1/16/18: U.S. oil industry set to break record, upend global trade

May 26, 2016 in North Dakota

Let's talk about energy, okay? I'm delighted to be in North Dakota, a state where, really, you're at the forefront of a new energy revolution. Oil and natural gas production is up significantly in the last decade. Our oil imports have literally, frankly, been cut in half. That's something that nobody thought was going to be happening, really, for a very very long time. But all of this occurred in spite of massive new bureaucratic and political barriers. President Obama has done everything he can to get in the way of American energy, for whatever reason. He's made life much more difficult for North Dakota as costly regulation, and I mean serious regulation, makes it harder and harder to turn a profit.

If crooked Hillary Clinton is in charge, things will get much worse, believe me. You've seen it, all you have to do is follow her career. She'll shut down energy production across this country. [...] Millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth will be destroyed as a result. That's why this choice, and this is a very important choice, November's going to be so so crucial. And here's what it comes down to - wealth, serious wealth for people, for workers, for everybody, vs poverty.

North Dakota shows how energy exploration creates shared prosperity - better schools, more funding for infrastructure, which we really need throughout our country, higher wages, lower unemployment, things we've been missing for a long time. It's a choice between sharing in this great energy wealth, or sharing in the poverty promised by Hillary Clinton. You don't have to take my word for it, just listen to Hillary in her own words. She's declared war on the American worker. Here's what Hillary Clinton said earlier this year "We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work." [boos] [....] And if Hillary can shut down the mines, she can really shut down our whole country and your business will be permanently, in many cases, permanently ruined.

So let me tell you how President Obama undermined our crisis and our middle class. The president stated that it was his intent to eliminate oil and natural gas production in America, if you can believe this. His policy is death by a thousands cuts through an onslaught of regulations. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency's use of totalitarian tactics that forces energy operators in North Dakota into paying unprecedented multi-billion dollar fines before a penalty is even confirmed, which is actually rather hard to believe.

Government misconduct goes on and on. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against seven North Dakota oil companies for the death of 28 birds, while the administration fast-tracked wind projects that kill more than a million birds a year! Far more than a million birds, I have to tell you. Far more. [applause]

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service abuses endangered species act to restrict oil and gas exploration. Adding to the pain, President Obama now proposes a $10 per barrel tax on American-produced oil in the middle of a downturn. And you've had a downturn, but we did hit $50 dollars today, I will take credit for that. Harold, I want 10%. [cheers, applause] I want 10% Harold. At LEAST 10%.

At the same time President Obama lifts economic sanctions on Iran, he imposes economic sanctions on America. He's allowed this country to hit the lowest oil rig count since 1999, producing thousands of layoffs, thousands. America's incredible energy potential remains untapped. It's totally self-inflicted. It's a wound, and it's a wound that we have to heal.

Under my presidency, we'll accomplish a complete American energy independence. Complete. COMPLETE. [cheers, applause] And lots of jobs, lots of jobs. Imagine a world in which our foes, and the oil cartels can no longer use energy as a weapon. Wouldn't that be nice? Be very nice. It's gonna happen, if we win. But we're gonna win. [cheers, applause] We're gonna win.

But President Obama has done everything he can to keep us dependent, and this is so important, on others. He wants us to be dependent on others. It's different thinking - it's from a whole different school. Let me list some of the good energy projects that he's killed:

He rejected the Keystone Excel Pipeline, despite the fact that it would have created 42,000 jobs. His own state department concluded that it would be the safest pipeline ever built in the United States and it would have no significant impact on the environment. Yet, even as he rejected this, and this is really something because we have that great relationship with Canada, so he rejected the America/Canada pipeline, he made a deal that allows Iran - boy does he make bad deals with Iran - to transport more oil through his pipeline than would have ever flowed through Keystone, with no environmental review whatsoever. What are we doing?

President Obama has done everything he can to kill the coal industry, that we all know. You just ask the people of Pennsylvania, ask the people of West Virginia, look at what's happened there, it's horrible. Here are a few of President Obama's decrees:

*Regulations that shut down hundreds of coal fired power plants and block the construction of new ones. How stupid is that? [applause]

*A prohibition against coal production on federal land.

*Draconian climate rules that, unless stopped, would effectively bypass congress to impose job-killing cap & trade, a disaster.

*President Obama has aggressively blocked oil production of oil and natural--you just take a look--every single move he's made is to block the production of oil and natural gas.

*He's taken huge percentages of the Alaska petroleum--and you take the reserve, he's taken it off the table. He's taken it completely off the table. Oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down 10%, which is pretty hard to believe. 87% of available land in the outer continental shelf has been put off-limits, totally.

*Atlantic Lee Sales were closed down too, despite the fact that they would create, listen to this, 280,000 jobs and 23.5 billion dollars in economic activity.

President Obama entered the United States into the Paris Climate Accords, unilaterally and without the permission of congress. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much our energy and how much we use, right here in America. So foreign bureaucrats are going to be controlling what we're using and what we're doing on our land in our country. No way! [cheers, applause] No way!

These actions have denied millions of Americans access to the energy wealth sitting right under our feet - wealth we didn't even know we had five years ago and ten years ago. This is your treasure, and you, the American People, are entitled to share in the riches.

President Obama's anti-energy - and this is really anti-energy - orders, have also weakened our security by keeping us reliant on foreign sources of energy. Not gonna be for long, folks. Not gonna be for long, if I get in. [cheers, applause]

Every dollar of energy we don't explore here is a dollar of energy that makes someone else rich and really rich in some cases. I wonder if their campaign contributors, what do you think? Do you think? They probably gave to the Clinton Foundation, I guess, right? Just seems... just seems like that's what happened.

If President Obama wanted to weaken America he couldn't have done a better job. As bad as President Obama is, Hillary Clinton will be worse. She'll escalate the war against the American worker like never before, and against American energy. And she'll unleash the EPA to control every aspect of our lives and every aspect of energy. They'll make it impossible for the worker, for the owners, they'll make it impossible for everyone. She declared that we've got to move away from coal and all of the other fossil fuels - that's a quote. "We've got to move away from coal" - quote - "and all of the other fossil fuels." Locking away trillions in American wealth.

In March, Hillary Clinton said "By the time we get through all of my conditions, I guarantee I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place." What are we doing? Why are we even thinking--what are we doing? [...] Can you imagine that? She wants to close down a primary source. Keep in mind, shale energy production could add two million jobs in seven years.

Yet, while Hillary Clinton doesn't want American energy, she is strongly in favor of foreign energy. Here's what she told China as secretary of state: "American exports and Chinese experts will work to develop China's natural gas resources." Working with China, what about working with us? Everyone's working with China, they don't work with us! We're gonna work with us, and we'll worry about China later, folks, okay? [cheers, applause] It's unbelievable.

Imagine what it would mean for China if China unleashed its own natural gas resources so you're not dependent on foreign oil. Hillary Clinton has her priorities totally wrong. But we are going to turn everything around. We are going to make it right, believe me, we're going to make it right! [cheers, applause] And quickly, very quickly. A Trump Administration will develop an America First energy plan. America first, folks, America first! Make America great again! America first! Make America great again! [cheers, applause]

First energy plan, and I tell you, here is how we're going to do it. And here is how this plan will make America wealthy again. American energy dominance will be declared a strategic economic and foreign policy goal of the United States. It's about time.

America has 1.5 times as much oil as the combined proven resources--listen to this--as the combined proven resources of all OPEC countries. Think of that. We have more natural gas than Russia, Iran, Quatar, Saudi Arabia combined. We have three times more coal than Russia. Our total untapped oil and gas reserves on federal lands equal an estimated 50 trillion dollars. Think of that. We're loaded, we didn't even know it! We're loaded! We had no idea how rich we were. We're richer than all of them - we're richer than all of them, folks.

And we want to cherish that wealth, by the way. And preserve that wealth and take care of that wealth. We will become and stay totally independent of any need to import energy from the OPEC cartel or any nations hostile to our interests - anybody hostile to our interests, believe me, we don't deal with them - we'll handle them just fine. Just fine. [...]

We'll use the revenues from energy production to rebuild our roads--it's about time--our schools, bridges and public infrastructure--our infrastructure is crumbling. Our infrastructure is a disaster. We have to rebuild our country. We have to rebuild our country, and we have to rebuild it properly and fast. We've spent almost 5 trillion dollars in the middle east and we've gotten nothing for it. We're in worst shape than we were 15 years ago. We've got to rebuild our country.

Cheaper energy will also boost American agriculture. We'll get the bureaucracy out of the way of innovation so that we can pursue all forms of energy. This includes renewable energies and the technologies of the future. It does include nuclear and wind and solar, but not to the exclusion of other forms of energy and other forms of energy that right now are working much better. [cheers, applause]

The government should not pick winners and losers. Instead--instead, it should remove obstacles to exploration. Any market has its ups and downs, but lifting these draconian barriers will ensure that we are no longer at the mercy of global markets. We never want to be there again.

A Trump Administration will focus on REAL enviornmental challenges, not the phony ones that we've been looking at. We'll reject Clinton's poverty expansion agenda that enriches her friends - I mean totally enriches her friends. Just take a look at who her friends are, and makes everyone else very very poor. We'll solve real environmental problems in our communities, like the need for clean and safe drinking water. And you look at some of our communities and they don't have clean and safe drinking water at all. President Obama actually tried to cut the funding for our drinking water infrastructure, even as he pushed to increase funding for his EPA bureaucrats. American workers will be the ones building this new infrastructure, not people from other countries. They're not going to be building our infrastructure - not even a little bit.

Here is my 100 day action plan.. we're going to rescind all the job-destroying Obama executive actions, including the Climate Action Plan and the Waters Of The United States [WOTUS] rule, okay? Remember that. [applause]

We're going to save the coal industry - we're going to save that coal industry! Believe me, we're gonna save it! I love those people - these are great people! [...]

So we're going to save the coal industry and other industries threatened by Clinton's extremist agenda, and it is, indeed, an extremist agenda, perhaps even worse than Obama. I'm going to ask Trans-Canada to renew its permit application for the Keystone Pipeline. [cheers, applause]

By the way, I might also be asking for a big piece of the profits from that so the American people can get some more money out of it - does that make sense? Why not? Why not? We're making it possible! Let's take a piece of the action for you folks! You know, lower your taxes a little bit more, wouldn't be so bad. Without us they can't do it, so it sounds like it makes a lot of sense to me.

We're going to lift moratoriums on energy production in federal areas; we're going to revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies. These technologies create millions of jobs, with a smaller footprint than ever before.

We're going to cancel the Paris Climate agreement and stop.. [applause] unbelievable.. and stop all payments of United States tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs. [cheering, applause] We've got big problems, folks. We can't be sending our money all over the world. it's not 40 years ago, it's not 20 years ago, we've got a lot of problems. We're going to cherish our dollar, we're going to take care of our dollar, and we're going to keep our money and we're going to keep our jobs here and we're going to bring jobs back, okay? Remember that.

Any regulation that's outdated, unnecessary, bad for workers, or contrary to the national interests will be scrapped and scrapped completely. We will also eliminate duplication, provide regulatory certainty - which is very important, and trust local officials and local residents, like yourselves. [applause]

Any future regulation will go through a simple test: Is this regulation good for the American worker? If it doesn't pass this test, this rule will not be, under any circumstances, approved. Policy decisions will be public and very very transparent. They won't be made on Hillary's private email account, which is turning out to be a total disaster. By the way, a disaster for our country, beyond Hillary. A disaster for our country that she'd do such a thing.

We're going to do all of this while taking proper regard for rational environmental concerns. We're going to conserve our beautiful natural habitats, reserve and - so important, we're going to take care of those habitats, we're going to take care of those reserves, and we're going to take such great care of our resources - our resources, so vital. We're going to take care of those resources.

In a Trump Administration, political activists with extreme agendas will no longer write the rules, because that's what's happening now. [applause, cheers] Instead, we will work with conservationists whose only agenda is protecting nature and that's fine. From an environmental standpoint, my priorities are very simple: Clean air and clean water, right?

My America first energy plan will do for American people what Hillary Clinton will never do. She will never be able to do this, and I'm not just talking about this industry. She will never create real jobs and real wage growth. She can't do it, she doesn't know how to do it. Her husband signed NAFTA, one of the worst jobs--one of the worst things ever signed in the history of our country for economic development. They don't know how to do it and I think, actually, they don't even want to do it.

According to the Institute For Energy Research, lifting the restrictions on American energy will create a flood of new jobs, almost a 700 billion dollar increase, think of that, a 700 BILLION DOLLAR INCREASE in economic output over the next 30 years. More than a 30 billion dollar increase in annual wages over the next 7 years. Some of the people that are my biggest supporters, they haven't had a real wage increase in 18 years, okay? 18 years. Think of it. And they work two jobs. They're working harder, they're getting older, they're working harder, it's supposed to be the other way around. It's not going to be that way anymore, folks.

Over the next four decades, more than 20 trillion dollars in additional economic activity, and 6 trillion dollars in new tax revenue going to be generated. The oil and natural gas industry supports ten MILLION high paying American jobs and create an other 400,000 new jobs per year. This exploration will also create a resurgence in American manufacturing - MANUFACTURING. [cheers, applause] So good to hear that, because I've been going around, folks, I've been around and we won New York and we won all these states, no matter where you go, manufacturing down 50%, down 55%.. I go down, I see Syracuse New York, I see Rome New York - that's the real Rome, by the way, Rome New York - I see all of these different places, you go out to Bethpage, you go out to--then you go to Pennsylvania, you go to all these different places and you see what was once vibrant, beautiful working places. Factories, they're all falling apart. We lost 45-55-60% of our manufacturing jobs all over the place. It's one of the reasons I won by such large margins, because we're not gonna take it anymore, we're not gonna take it anymore. They're moving, they're leaving, they're taking our jobs, they're taking our companies - we're not gonna let that happen anymore. We're dramatically reducing both our trade deficit and our budget deficit.

Compare this future to Hillary Clinton's Venezuela-style politics of poverty. That's what it is - that's what it's going to end up being. That's where we're going, that's the direction we're heading. If you think about it, not one idea of Clinton has, and actually can, create a single net job or create a single new dollar to put in workers' pockets. In fact, every idea Hillary has will make jobs disappear. She doesn't have a clue. Remember, it was NAFTA, which was signed by her husband, that destroyed big parts of this country.

So Hillary Clinton's agenda is job destruction. My agenda is job creation. We're going to create so many jobs. And if companies want to leave our country and fire all their workers and go to another country, there will be a problem for those companies, there will be consequences, there will be consequences. And when they hear about the consequences you know what they're going to do, they're going to say "Mr President we've decided not to move." Okay, that's what's going to happen, it's as simple as that.

Clinton wants to tax and regulate our workers to the point of extinction. True. She wants terrible trade deals that she wants to continue terrible trade deals like NAFTA, signed by her husband that will empty our manufacturing businesses even more so than they already are.

During her time as secretary of state, which was a disaster, she surrendered to China, allowing them to steal hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property - everybody knows this - we do nothing about it. She let them devalue their currency and add more than a trillion dollars to our trade deficit.

Then there was Libya, Secretary Clinton's reckless Libya invasion handed the country over to ISIS, which now controls the oil in Libya - very very pure, sweet, beautiful oil, among the best in the world. ISIS has the oil from Libya. How do you like that, folks? Not so smart, right?

The middle east that Clinton inherited was far less dangerous than the middle east she left with us today. Her reckless decisions in Iraq, Libya, Iran, Egypt and Syria have made the middle east more unstable than ever, ever, ever before. The Hillary Clinton foreign policy legacy is absolute, total chaos.

Clinton also wants totally open borders in America, which would further plunge our workers into poverty. Hillary's open borders agenda means a young single mom living in poverty would have to compete for a job or a raise against millions of low wage workers rushing into our country and we will have absolutely no idea who they are, where they come from, are they dangerous, are they good, are they bad, we know nothing about these people.

My agenda will be accomplished through a series of reforms that put, always, America first. [cheers, applause] Energy reform that creates trillions of new dollars in wealth; Immigration reform that produces and protects our borders. We are going to have such strong borders. And by the way, we want people to come into our country, but they're going to come into our country legally, legally, legally. [cheers, applause]

And we are going to defend our workers - we're going to defend our workers. Tax reform that brings millions of new jobs to America. Regulation reform that eliminates stupid rules that send our jobs overseas, really created by people that don't even have a clue. And if they do have a clue, then they're doing some very, very bad things to our country.

Welfare reform that requires employers to recruit from the unemployment office, not the immigration office. We want to create jobs for our people. [cheers, applause]

Very importantly, trade reform that brings back our manufacturing jobs and stands up to countries that cheat, and I mean cheat, cheat like dogs, they cheat. They're cheating us so badly and it's a disgrace, and we have people that don't know what's going on in Washington. We have people that truly do not know what's going on.

There's one more thing we must do to make America wealthy again - you have to be wealthy in order to be great, I'm sorry to say it - we have to make our communities safe again. Violent crime is rising in our major cities across the country. This is totally unacceptable. Every parent has the right to raise their kids in safety.

When we put political correctness before justice we hurt those who have the least, I mean that's what's happening. We're really hurting the people that have the least. It undermines their schools, slashes the value of their homes and drives away their jobs. Crime is a stealth tax. It's a stealth tax on the poor. it's a horrible thing. And it's going up up up. Look at the papers today, look at the statistics, look at what's happening with homicides in our country - it's going only in one direction.

To those living in fear I say help is coming. It's coming soon. A Trump Administration will return law and order to America. Security is not something that should only - and this is so important - that should only be enjoyed by the very rich and the very powerful. It has to be enjoyed by all.

By way of contrast, i was endorsed - and I told you this - by National Rifle, and I see what's happening and I understand what's happening and I know it so well. These are people that want good things to happen. So Hillary, get rid of the guns. Trump, we're going to endorse and we're going to preserve and we are going to cherish cherish cherish our 2nd Amendment. Okay. [cheers, applause]

My reform agenda is going to bring wealth and security to the poorest communities in this country - we have to do that, we have to do that. You know, African American youth has a 59% rate of unemployment - we have to do it. What does Hillary have to offer the poor, but more of the same? In Chicago for instance, one fourth of young Hispanics and one third of young African Americans are literally, hopelessly unemployed. Hopelessly unemployed.

My message today, is to all the people trapped in poverty and it's this: Politicians like Hillary Clinton have failed you and they've failed you badly. It's all talk, it's no action. They have failed. They've used you, they've stolen your votes for decades and they've given you nothing. I will give you everything - I will give you what you've been looking - for 30, 40, 50 years they have given you nothing. And you need something new. I'm the only one who's going to deliver it. I know the politicians, I know what's happening, I know these people. [cheers, applause] I am the only one who will deliver it.

We are going to put America back to work. We're going to put people before government. Very important. [cheers, applause] We're going to rebuild our inner cities. We're going to make you and your families safe, secure and prosperous.

The choice in November is a choice between a Clinton agenda that puts donors first, or an agenda that puts America first! My agenda. America first, always. It's a choice between a Clinton government of, by and for the powerful, and a return to government of, by and for the People. [cheers, applause] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It is a choice between certain decline - absolutely certain decline, or a revival of America's great promise. The people in charge of our government say things can't change, they just feel that. Things can't change. I've seen it for so many months now. I've been doing this for 10 months - am I doing a good job by the way, for you? I mean, you know.. [cheers, applause] I'm very proud of this. I spent about 55 million dollars of my own money, but look at this.. I spent less than anybody else and I have the best, you know, I won. Right? It's one of those things. So, I spent less, I beat 'em by a lot. Isn't that what you want for your president for at least a little while? [cheers, applause] Thank you.

They want you to keep trusting the same people who betrayed you many times before. I'm here to tell you that if you keep supporting those who've let you down then you will keep getting let down for the rest of your lives.

I'm prepared to kick the special interests out of Washington DC [cheers, applause] and to hand their seat of power over to YOU. I will do that too, I actually look forward to doing that. And it's about time! Together we will put the American people first again. It's been a long time. We will make our communities wealthy again. We will make our cities safe again. We will make our country strong again. Ladies and gentlemen, we will make America GREAT Again! Thank you.

TECHNOCRACY NEWS: To Be Great, America Needs To Use More Energy, Not Less

Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition


It's Back: The Rise Of UN Convention On The Law Of The Sea (UNCLOS)

NASA climate scientist John Casey: CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FRAUD

"One cannot go to the mainstream media and find the truth - it’s simply not there. What you will find is lies, deceptions, smoke and mirrors all in an attempt to foist an Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development program throughout the world....This is now a major global effort for a new form of one world order."

"The scientists across the U.S. and across the world who know the truth about the climate cannot and will not tell you the truth, for a lot of reasons, some of which you already know. Power, money, political influence, fear - all of these factor in."


Letter to Editor PREDICTED COLORADO EPA SPILL One Week Before Catastrophe So EPA Could Secure Control of Area LINK

Gold King Mine Spill Contractor Cashed In After The Disaster LINK

Is EPA Trying To Sabotage Its Gold King Mine Blowout Investigation? LINK

Geologist Predicted EPA Would Intentionally Poison Animas River A Week Before Toxic Spill LINK

Did Obama Direct the EPA to Pollute the Animas River? LINK

The EPA releases toxins in to the the Animus River [VIDEO] LINK

EPA causes a major environmental disaster LINK

Gold King Mine Spill Contractor Cashed In After The Disaster LINK

A lying mouthpiece for the corrupt EPA Takes the lie a step further LINK

I left this comment - what are the odds they published it?:
Linda MacLeod Goodman: The EPA deliberately caused the spill. The cover story is that it was an accident, but you stepped further into the lie and blamed the mining company. Here's the truth: A geologist wrote a letter to the editor one week before the spill, predicting EPA sabotage for Superfund money and the economy-crushing regulations you wrote about. So how do we hold the EPA responsible? The globalist cabal behind this treachery are soon out of power, and criminal indictments are surely to follow.

THE LETTER TO THE EDITOR of The Silverton Standard and The Miner:

EPA plan is really a 'Superfund blitzkrieg'
I came to Silverton this summer to enjoy my retirement, appreciate nature and prospect the mountains for unique minerals. I came here to enjoy a simple life with no TV and no politics, but unfortunately that has changed. Your EPA dilemma has caused my blood to boil

Based on my 47 years of experience as a professional geologist, it appears to me that the EPA is setting your town and the area up for a possible Superfund blitzkrieg.

In regards to your meeting with the EPA on June 23, Mr. Hestmark's {EPA's representative} statement "we don't have an agenda" is either ignorant naivete or an outright falsehood. I am certain Mr. Hestmark's hydrologists have advised him what's going to happen when the Red & Bonita portals and plugged and the "grand experiment" begins with unknown and foreseeable results and possible negative consequences.

Here's the scenario that will occur based on my experience: Following the plugging the exfiltrating water will be retained behind the bulkheads, accumulating at a rate of approximately 500 gallons per minute. As the water backs up, it will begin filling all connected mine workings and bedrock voids and fractures. As the water level inside the workings continues to rise, it will accumulate head pressure at a rate of 1 PSI per each 2.31 feet of vertical rise. As the water continues to migrate through and fill interconnected workings, the pressure will increase. Eventually, without a doubt. The water will find a way out and will exfiltrate uncontrollably through connected abandoned shafts, drifts, raises, fractures and possibly from talus on the hillsides. Initially it will appear that the miracle fix is working: "Hallelujah!"

But make no mistake, within seven to 120 days all of the 500 gpm flow will return to Cement Creek. Contamination may actually increase due to disturbance and flushing action within the workings.

The "grand experiment" in my opinion will fail. And guess what Mr. Hestmark will say then? "Gee, "Plan A" didn't work, so I guess we will have to build a treatment plant at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million to $500 million (who knows).

Reading between-the-lines, I believe that has been the EPA's plan all along. The proposed Red & Bonita plugging plan has been their way of getting a foot in the door to justify their hidden agenda for construction of a treatment plant. After all, with a budget of $8.2 billion and 17,000 employees, the EPA needs new, big projects to feed the best and justify their existence.

I would recommend that anyone who owns a home, property water well or spring in the Cement Creek drainage, take water samples ASAP to protect themselves from groundwater changes that may be caused by the EPA plugging operation!

God bless America! God bless Silverton, Colorado. And God protect us from the EPA.
--Dave Taylor, Farmington

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