Fake Then, Fake Now

And remember the Zip app that predicted the Trump landslide? The entire press now ignores them.

USA Today: App Maker: Trump will win election

August 13, 2016
Excerpts: ""Based on the stats we see, he looks strong," says Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons, maker of the Zip question and answer app. His app poses questions and polls responses based on an average of 100,000 daily users. "We're not a poll. We're a conversation, and 100% anonymous," Militi says. "People feel comfortable answering questions without fear of being bullied or being called a racist. People can express themselves safely, and you get a pure answer.". . .He contends that most media polls are just flat-out wrong and that smartphone answers are the future. . .

So either the traditional polls are right or Militi is onto something, with a different way of polling that lets citizens answer more openly. We'll find out on Nov. 8, when voters go to the real polls."

Yup. Yet the entire press is now ignoring the Zip poll. Why?

Zip poll USA is a liberal site whose 100,000+ subscribers span the political spectrum; and their poll results continue to show strong majority support for the Trump Agenda. Zip's playful image belies the profound significance of its political polls that reveal a united America.

Below are all 130+ political Zip polls - links included. . .

Women's March or Mud Crawl?
December 3, 2018
Has the Women's March movement gotten muddied up with special interests that don't support ALL women?

81% Yes, it's sad
19% No, always a front

TOTAL: Yes, it's sad 81%; No, always a front 19%
MALES: Yes, it's sad 77%; No, always a front 23%
FEMALES: Yes, it's sad 88%; No, always a front 12%

White House Gives OK to Lethal Force at Mexico Border
November 30, 2018
Should military force be used to control civilians?

62% Yes, whatever it takes
38% No, overkill

TOTAL: Yes, whatever it takes 62%; No, overkill 38%
MALES: Yes, whatever it takes 59%; No, overkill 41%
FEMALES: Yes, whatever it takes 67%; No, overkill 33%

The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse
November 24, 2018
'The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse,' is this how you’d describe the 4 newest female members of Congress?

65% I am worried
35% Harsh & hardly

TOTAL: I am worried 65%; Harsh & hardly 35%
MALES: I am worried 62%; Harsh & hardly 38%
FEMALES: I am worried 76%; Harsh & hardly 24%

China and the Trade War Continues
November 21, 2018
Amidst the trade war, China's exports were up 16% in October compared to the same month last year. Think China's good fortune will last?

69% No, downhill by end of 2018
31% Yes, global demand is huge

TOTAL: N - downhill by end of 2018 69%; Y - global demand is huge 32%
MALES: No - downhill by end of 2018 64%; Y - global demand is huge 36%
FEMALES: No - downhill by end of 2018 78%; Y - global demand is huge 22%

Team Trump Ceases Talk of Trade Deal with China
Apparently, the Trump administration isn't close to cutting a trade deal with China. How long do you think this will take?
November 17, 2018

54% 6 months at least
46% By end of year

TOTAL: 6 months at least 54%; By end of year 46%
MALES: 6 months at least 52%; By end of year 48%
FEMALES: 6 months at least 58%; By end of year 42%

Sorry, Puerto Rican Government, Trump Says You're Fired
November 16, 2018
What's the right move? President Trump believes that the Puerto Rican government is misappropriating funds intended for hurricane relief.

62% Ppl who want guns will get 'em
38% Dig in & fix it

TOTAL: Ppl who want guns will get 'em 62%; Dig in & fix it 38%
MALES: Ppl who want guns will get 'em 61%; Dig in & fix it 39%
FEMALES: Ppl who want guns will get 'em 62%; Dig in & fix it 38%

Midterms - The Breakdown
November 16, 2018
Okay, so who really won in the midterms?

55% The politicians
45% The people

TOTAL: The politicians 55%; The people 45%
MALES: The politicians 56%; The people 44%
FEMALES: The politicians 51%; The people 49%

Fox Newscaster to U.N. Ambassador: "Heather Nauert Is Trump's Top Choice"
November 12, 2018
It looks like Heather Nauert, State Department spokeswoman is Trump's leading choice to become U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Is she a good pick?

90% Excellent
10% Don't think so

TOTAL: Excellent 90%; Don't think so 10%
MALES:: Excellent 90%; Don't think so 10%
FEMALES:: Excellent 90%; Don't think so 10%

Trump Experiences Mixed Welcome in Pittsburg
November 8, 2018
President Trump visited Pittsburg in wake of the synagogue massacre. Do you think the shooting could have been prevented?

70% No - no preventing
30% Yes - there were signs

TOTAL: No - no preventing 70%; Yes - there were signs 30%
MALES: No - no preventing 68%; Yes - there were signs 32%
FEMALES: No - no preventing 73%; Yes - there were signs 27%

Abortion Hits the Supreme Court
November 5, 2018
Abortion cases are hitting the Supreme Court. Are you for or against abortion?

73% Against - it's murder
27% For - right to choose

TOTAL: Against - it's murder 73%; For - right to choose 27%
MALES: Against - it's murder 81%; For - right to choose 19%
FEMALES: Against - it's murder 61%; For - right to choose 39%

Nationalism, The Great Divide
November 4, 2018
President Trump declared himself a "nationalist" during a rally in Texas. Is Nationalism something America needs right now?

88% Yes, it was obvious
12% No, didn't need to

TOTAL: Yes, it was obvious 88%; No, didn't need to 12%
MALES: Yes, it was obvious 85%; No, didn't need to 15%
FEMALES: Yes, it was obvious 93%; No, didn't need to 7%

Peace at Last? North and South Korea Withdraw Firearms
November 4, 2018
North and South Korea have completed withdrawing firearms and the troops on the Korean Peninsula. Did you think this would actually happen?

61% I had doubts
39% I knew it

TOTAL: I had doubts 61%; I knew it 39%
MALES: I had doubts 67%; I knew it 33%
FEMALES: I had doubts 52%; I knew it 48%

President Trump Creates First National Monument as President
November 2, 2018
Trump designated his first national monument as president, Camp Nelson in Kentucky, honoring African American troops. Do you think this was a political pawn ahead of the tight election in Kentucky?

83% No
17% Definitely

TOTAL: No 83%; Definitely 17%
MALES: No 80%; Definitely 20%
FEMALES: No 89%; Definitely 11%

Russian Meddling Has Hit Midterms
November 1, 2018
A Russian was charged with attempting to interfere in the 2018 midterms. Charges state the goal is to divide and create conflict in the U.S. political system. Can Russians hurt American democracy if not caught?

59% No, already divided
41% Yes, for sure

TOTAL: No, already divided 59%; Yes, for sure 41%
MALES: No, already divided 62%; Yes, for sure 38%
FEMALES: No, already divided 54%; Yes, for sure 46%

Michael Cohen Wants You to Vote Democrat
October 31, 2018
Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, switches to the Democratic Party and urges people to vote against the Republican Party, or we could have another 6 years of craziness. Does this make him a traitor?

91% Yes! Gross
9% No, smart

TOTAL: Yes! Gross 91%; No, smart 9%
MALES: Yes! Gross 88%; No, smart 12%
FEMALES: Yes! Gross 94%; No, smart 6%

Biden Confident Democrats Will Take House, Hopes They Don't Impeach Trump
Biden says Democrats will gain majority in the House in the midterm elections and hopes they don't impeach Trump. Are you surprised Biden is hoping Trump isnt impeached immediately?
October 31, 2018

60% Yes, I am
40% No, smart plan

TOTAL: Yes, I am 60%; No, smart plan 40%
MALES: Yes, I am 56%; No, smart plan 44%
FEMALES: Yes, I am 67%; No, smart plan 33%

Trump Looks Out for Middle-Income Families
October 30, 2018
Trump is looking to cut taxes by 10 percent for middle-income families. Do you support this?

97% Bring it on!
3% Leave it

TOTAL: Bring it on! 97%; Leave it 3%
MALES: Bring it on! 97%; Leave it 3%
FEMALES: Bring it on! 98%; Leave it 2%

Biden's Concerns About the 2020 Election
October 29, 2018
Would you vote for a presidential candidate that isn't sure they want to run in 2020? Joe Biden is on the fence.

72% No, should know
28% Yes, it's a big decision

TOTAL: No, should know 72%; Yes, it's a big decision 28%
MALES: No, should know 74%; Yes, it's a big decision 26%
FEMALES: No, should know 70%; Yes, it's a big decision 30%

Republicans and Democrats Can't Agree on This
October 26, 2018
When you vote, do you vote along party lines or do you base your decision on issues supported by your candidate?

54% Go with platforms
46% Stay with my crew

TOTAL: Go with platforms 54%; Stay with my crew 46%
MALES: Go with platforms 57%; Stay with my crew 43%
FEMALES: Go with platforms 50%; Stay with my crew 50%

The Honduran Caravan is Getting Closer
October 26, 2018
a The Honduran Caravan is expected to be at the US borders right around midterms. Do you think this will help/hurt Republicans in their races?

73% Help - immigration
27% Hurt - human rights

TOTAL: Help - immigration 73%; Hurt - human rights 27%
MALES: Help - immigration 72%; Hurt - human rights 28%
FEMALES: Help - immigration 75%; Hurt - human rights 25%

Second Migrant Caravan Forms as Trump Threatens Money & Aid
October 25, 2018
President Trump threatened to withdraw aid to the Honduras if migrants bound for the US are not "stopped and brought back." Is this a little too harsh?

93% No, necessary
7% Yes, relax

TOTAL: No, necessary 93%; Yes, relax 7%
MALES: No, necessary 92%; Yes, relax 8%
FEMALES: No, necessary 96%; Yes, relax 4%

Hillary Clinton Stands with Bill Clinton Amid the #MeToo Era
October 24, 2018
Hillary Clinton shares her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power. What do you think?

91% Totally was
9% Absolutely not

TOTAL: Totally was 91%; Absolutely not 9%
MALES: Totally was 90%; Absolutely not 10%
FEMALES: Totally was 93%; Absolutely not 7%

Is Ted Cruz Locked in For Re-Election?
How is this going to go? Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz seems to be leading Rep. Beto O'Rourke for re-election with a few weeks left.
October 24, 2018

92% Cruz
8% O'Rourke

TOTAL: Cruz 92%; O'Rourke 8%
MALES: Cruz 90%; O'Rourke 10%
FEMALES: Cruz 96%; O'Rourke 4%

Trump Urges Donations for His Own Great Wall of China
October 23,2018
Trump is asking Republicans for donations to his re-election campaign to help him build the border wall. Do you think the wall will ever be built?

87% Happening
13% Definitely not

TOTAL: Happening 87%; Definitely not 13%
MALES: Happening 88%; Definitely not 12%
FEMALES: Happening 86%; Definitely not 14%

Melania Trump Says Accusers and Victims Both Need to Be Heard
October 21, 2018
Melania Trump: "I support the women and they need to be heard." And shares we really need hard evidence for those accused. Would you agree?

93% Definitely
7% Testimony is enough

TOTAL: Definitely 93%; Testimony is enough 7%
MALES: Definitely 92%; Testimony is enough 8%
FEMALES: Definitely 96%; Testimony is enough 4%

Brett Kavanaugh Commits to His Promise to Hire All Women
October 21, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh has become the first high court justice to hire law clerks that are all women. Will this help him win his reputation back?

59% For sure
41% Not likely

TOTAL: For sure 59%; Not likely 41%
MALES For sure 59%; Not likely 41%
FEMALES For sure 59%; Not likely 41%

Taylor Swift vs Kanye West Feud is Going Political
October 20, 2018
Taylor Swift and Kanye West are against each other again – but this time it’s about their political views. Are you team Swift or Kanye?

81% Kanye, duh
19% Swift all the way

TOTAL: Kanye, duh 81%; Swift all the way 19%
MALES: Kanye, duh 78%; Swift all the way 22%
FEMALES: Kanye, duh 87%; Swift all the way 13%

Trade or Tech Forefront of US-China Dispute
October 20, 2018
What is our biggest challenge with China relations?

61% Fair trade
39% Technology

TOTAL: Fair trade 61%; Technology 39%
MALES: Fair trade 62%; Technology 38%
FEMALES: Fair trade 58%; Technology 42%

The Most Bullied Person in the World is
October 18, 2018
Melania Trump says she's "the most bullied person in the world." Is this a stretch or could this be true?

90% Sounds right
10% Huge stretch

TOTAL: Sounds right 90%; Huge stretch 10%
MALES: Sounds right 90%; Huge stretch 10%
FEMALES: Sounds right 91%; Huge stretch 9%

Trump Urges Police to Implement "Stop and Frisk" Policies
October 18, 2018
Trump urged Chicago cops to launch the "stop and frisk" policies to reduce the murder rate. Do you think they'll start doing this?

69% Yes, it will help
31% No, too extreme

TOTAL: Yes, it will help 69%; No, too extreme 31%
MALES Yes, it will help 64%; No, too extreme 36%
FEMALES Yes, it will help 80%; No, too extreme 20%

Trump Calls Allegations Against Kavanaugh a "Hoax"
October 17, 2018
Trump said Kavanaugh was caught up in a hoax and that he did nothing wrong. Do you think Kavanaugh was the victim of a hoax?

95% Yes, it was all a lie
5% No, it was real

TOTAL: Yes, it was all a lie 95%; No, it was real 5%
MALES: Yes, it was all a lie 94%; No, it was real 6%
FEMALES: Yes, it was all a lie 98%; No, it was real 2%

The Trump Administration Predicts Climate Change Will Be Catastrophic
October 15, 2018
Scientists are saying the Trump admin issued a statement predicting the planet will warm by 7 degrees by 2100, and effects would be catastrophic. Do you believe this?

88% No, scare tactic
12% Yes, will happen

TOTAL: No, scare tactic 88%; Yes, will happen 12%
MALES: No, scare tactic 89%; Yes, will happen 11%
FEMALES: No, scare tactic 85%; Yes, will happen 15%

Trump Argues that Men are The Real Victims in the #MeToo Era
October 13, 2018
Should President Trump start acting more presidential? Even his supporters can't believe the display he put on at his latest rally mocking an alleged victim of sexual assault.

86%: No, rough is good
14%: Yes, getting tiresome

TOTAL: No, rough is good 86%; Yes, getting tiresome 14%
MALES: No, rough is good 83%; Yes, getting tiresome 17%
FEMALES: No, rough is good 91%; Yes, getting tiresome 9%

The "Presidential Alert" Is One Message You Can't Ignore
October 12, 2018
Beeeeep. . .this is an alert! Do you trust our new Presidential emergency alert system in the hands of someone who has a proven to be impulsive on Twitter?

88%: He won't abuse it
12%: I'm concerned

TOTAL: He won't abuse it 88%; I'm concerned 12%
MALES: He won't abuse it 86%; I'm concerned 14%
FEMALES: He won't abuse it 90%; I'm concerned 10%

U.S. Withdraws from Another International Agreement
October 11, 2018
The U.S. has pushed back on the U.N. claiming that the international Justice Court has become politicized. Is it important for the U.S. to stay in the U.N.?

78%: Not seeing the benefits
22%: Duh, of course

TOTAL: Not seeing the benefits 78%; Duh, of course 22%
MALES: Not seeing the benefits 77%; Duh, of course 23%
FEMALES: Not seeing the benefits 80%; Duh, of course 20%

The Battle Continues for Protections for Immigrants
October 10, 2018
Should citizens of war-torn and ravaged countries be allowed to stay in the United States until their countries are safe again? TPS has ended and a SF District Judge is fighting back.

75%: Time's up
25%: That's reasonable

TOTAL: Time is up 75%; That's reasonable 25%
MALES: Time is up 79%; That's reasonable 81%
FEMALES: Time is up 66%; That's reasonable 34%

Kavanaugh vs. Ford: Testimonies
October 6, 2018
Are you embarrassed by our political system in using someone, Dr Ford who claims a sexual assault occurred from a SCOTUS nominee, for their own benefit?

94%: Yes, horrified
6%: No, playing to win

TOTAL: Yes, horrified 94%; No, playing to win 6%
MALES: Yes, horrified 93%; No, playing to win 7%
FEMALES: Yes, horrified 96%; No, playing to win 4%

Time is of the Essence for SCOTUS and the Midterms
October 6, 2018
Timing. . .will there be another nominee or confirmation to the SCOTUS before the midterms?

72%: Not a chance
28%: Will rush one in

TOTAL: Not a chance 72%; Will rush one in 28%
MALES: Not a chance 72%; Will rush one in 28%
FEMALES: Not a chance 70%; Will rush one in 30%

French President Takes Shots at the United States
October 6, 2018
French President Macron told the UN General Assembly that France will use the Paris accord membership as a contingency for trade deals. Global trade war coming?

74%: No, all hot air
24%: Yes, feeling it

TOTAL: No, all hot air 74%; Yes, feeling it 24%
MALES: No, all hot air 75%; Yes, feeling it 25%
FEMALES: No, all hot air 75%; Yes, feeling it 25%

On the Other Side of #MeToo
October 5, 2018
Kavanaugh's wife is the latest in a long line of political spouses to stand by her man in the #MeToo era. Would you stand by your man if he was accused of sexual assault?

90%: For better or worse
10%: No, I'd run

TOTAL: For better or worse 90%; No, I'd run 10%
MALES: For better or worse 88%; No, I'd run 12%
FEMALES: For better or worse 92%; No, I'd run 8%

California Fights Back to Protect Net Neutrality
October 5, 2018
Do you agree with net neutrality?

77%: No, less regulation
23%: Yes, protect our Internet

TOTAL: No, less regulation 77%; Yes, protect our Internet 23%
MALES: No, less regulation 79%; Yes, protect our Internet 21%
FEMALES: No, less regulation 74%; Yes, protect our Internet 26%

To Impose Term Limits on the Supreme Court or Not
October 4, 2018
Does the Supreme Court need term limits?

66%: No, system works
34%: Yes, unfair system

TOTAL: No, system works 66%; Yes, unfair system 34%
MALES: No, system works 68%; Yes, unfair system 32%
FEMALES:  No, system works 61%; Yes, unfair system 39%

Paul Manafort Becomes the Latest to Take A Plea and Cooperate in Mueller Probe
October 3, 2018
Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to two charges involving criminal conduct and has agreed to cooperate with the special counsel probe led by Mueller. Will Trump still pardon him?

51%: I doubt it
49%: I think so

TOTAL: I doubt it 51%; I think so 49%
MALES: I doubt it 52%; I think so 48%
FEMALES: I doubt it 50%; I think so 50%

The Positive and Negative Effects of White House's 'Anonymous' Being Revealed
October 2, 2018
Would it be better for President Trump if "anonymous" were to stay in the administration instead of coming out publicly like many Democrats have requested?

60%: No, destructive to President
40%: Yes, seen as a coward

TOTAL: No, destructive to President 60%; Yes, seen as a coward 40%
MALES: No, destructive to President 62%; Yes, seen as a coward 38%
FEMALES: No, destructive to President 57%; Yes, seen as a coward 43%

North Korea's Massive Parade Had No Nuclear Missiles
October 2, 2018
President Trump scored a win when Pyongyang hosted a massive military parade with no nuclear missiles. Is this a sign of progress?

89%: Definitely, historical
11%: Not so fast

TOTAL: Definitely, historical 89%; Not so fast 11%
MALES: Definitely, historical 89%; Not so fast 11%
FEMALES: Definitely, historical 88%; Not so fast 12%

A Tax on Plastic Packaging May Be Coming
October 2, 2018
There was a recent poll in favor of a tax on all plastic packaging of food products. Would you accept a plastic packaging tax considering plastic pollution is a large problem?

59%: No, need it
41%: Yes, limit plastic

TOTAL: No, need it 59%; Yes, limit plastic 41%
MALES: No, need it 61%; Yes, limit plastic 39%
FEMALES: No, need it 54%; Yes, limit plastic 46%

Kim Kardashian Working on Prison Reform Again
October 2, 2018
Kim Kardashian is working to get another prisoner who is serving a life sentence over marijuana. Should all people in prison with minor drug charges be freed in states where it is now considered legal?

73%: Not a crime anymore
27%: No, charges still stand

TOTAL: Not a crime anymore 73%; No, charges still stand 27%
MALES: Not a crime anymore 71%; No, charges still stand 29%
FEMALES: Not a crime anymore 77%; No, charges still stand 23%

Question & answer options don't allow for rejecting Russia collusion delusion. . .
Goodbye Interference - Trump Signs Order to Impose Sanctions
October 1, 2018
Trump signed an executive order that will protect our elections from foreign interference. Is this ironic?

56%: No, we obviously need it!
44%: Yes, where was this last election?

TOTAL: No, we obviously need it! 56%; Yes, where was this last election? 44%
MALES: No, we obviously need it! 59%; Yes, where was this last election? 41%
FEMALES: Yes, where was this last election? 51%; No, we obviously need it! 49%

European Parliament Changing the Internet Forever
October 1, 2018
Following the EU Copyright Directive, how significant is a free and open internet to you?

83%: Everything!
17%: Doesn't really matter

TOTAL: Everything! 83%; Doesn't really matter 17%
MALES: Everything! 83%; Doesn't really matter 17%
FEMALES: Everything! 83%; Doesn't really matter 17%

In-N-Out's Burger Boycott
September 28, 2018
Apparently, In-N-Out donated $25,000 to the GOP and now people are boycotting. Are you on this train?

95%: No, don't care
5%: Yes, on strike

TOTAL: No, don't care 95%; Yes, on strike 5%
MALES: No, don't care 94%; Yes, on strike 6%
FEMALES: No, don't care 95%; Yes, on strike 5%

California is Banning Beauty Products Tested on Animals
September 28, 2018
California has become the first state to make the sale of animal-tested cosmetics illegal after 2020. Do you think this law should be nationwide?

58%: No, leave it
42%: Yes, animal cruelty

TOTAL: No, leave it 58%; Yes, animal cruelty 42%
MALES: No, leave it 68%; Yes, animal cruelty 32%
FEMALES: Yes, animal cruelty 60%; No, leave it 40%

Mission Impossible: Uncovering the Anonymous Op-Ed Author
September 28, 2018
Do you support President Trump's mission on finding who wrote the 'resistance' piece for the New York Times undermining his administration?

85%: Yes, treasonous
15%: No, it's a distraction

TOTAL: Yes, treasonous 85%; No, it's a distraction 15%
MALES: Yes, treasonous 86%; No, it's a distraction 14%
FEMALES: Yes, treasonous 82%; No, it's a distraction 18%

No More Blue Wave for Texas
September 27, 2018
For Pete's sake all this talk about a blue wave and Rep Pete just upset Dem Pete in a Texas Senate special election. Hard to predict, but try, which way will the midterms go?

88%: Red
12%: Blue

TOTAL: Red 88%; Blue 12%
MALES: Red 85%; Blue 15%
FEMALES: Red 95%; Blue 5%

White House Official Anonymously Speaks Out - in the NY Times
September 26, 2018
A high-ranking White House insider has penned a memo in the New York times voicing opposition to the administration. What's the best way for the president to handle this?

62%: Shut it down, find the traitor
38%: Address it constructively

TOTAL: Shut it down, find the traitor 62%; Address it constructively 38%
MALES: Shut it down, find the traitor 62%; Address it constructively 38%
FEMALES: Shut it down, find the traitor 60%; Address it constructively 40%

North and South Korea Now Want a Peace Treaty
September 26, 2018
It looks like North Korea now wants a peace declaration ending the Korean war. Which do you think will happen first?

58%: Denuclearization
42%: Peace treaty

TOTAL: Denuclearization 58%; Peace treaty 42%
MALES: Denuclearization 54%; Peace treaty 46%
FEMALES: Denuclearization 70%; Peace treaty 30%

The Pressure is High for Canada and U.S to Reach New NAFTA Deal
September 25, 2018
Trump says talks with Canada are going well and they could reach a deal soon for the NAFTA. Who do you think will benefit more from the deal? Scroll down to see how people around America voted.

89%: US
11%: Canada

TOTAL: US 89%; Canada 11%
MALES: US 89%; Canada 11%
FEMALES: US 88%; Canada 12%

Trump Breaks A Promise to Raise Pay for Federal Employees
September 24, 2018
Trump stopped a promised pay raise for federal employees in 2019 but congress can overrule him. Do you think they should?

86%: No, it's fiscally responsible
14%: Yes, can't be revoked now

TOTAL: No, it's fiscally responsible 86%; Yes, can't be revoked now 14%
MALES: No, it's fiscally responsible 88%; Yes, can't be revoked now 12%
FEMALES: No, it's fiscally responsible 83%; Yes, can't be revoked now 17%

CGI Models Take Over Balmain
September 24, 2018
Apparently, Balmain has enlisted a cast of CGI models for their latest Pre-Fall 2018 campaign. Are living breathing models overrated?

72%: Bring back authenticity
28%: Welcome to the digital age!

TOTAL: Bring back authenticity 72%; Welcome to the digital age! 28%
MALES: Bring back authenticity 69%; Welcome to the digital age! 31%
FEMALES: Bring back authenticity 76%; Welcome to the digital age! 24%

CA Candidate Newsom Wants to Offer Illegal Immigrants Free Healthcare
September 24, 2018
CA Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom says he wants to offer illegal immigrants free healthcare, just like in San Francisco. Do you think he just ruined his chance to be governor?

52%: Yes, walk that back
48%: No, CA is so liberal

TOTAL: Yes, walk that back 52%; No, CA is so liberal 48%
MALES: No, CA is so liberal 52%; Yes, walk that back 48%
FEMALES: Yes, walk that back 58%; No, CA is so liberal 42%

2018 Midterms Can't Be Saved, But There's Still Hope for 2020
September 22, 2018
Election experts say it's too late to stop Russian interference in the 2018 elections. Do you think we're more protected this time around?

64%: Absolutely, secure
36%: No, too late

TOTAL: Absolutely, secure 64%; No, too late 36%
MALES: Absolutely, secure 73%; No, too late 27%
FEMALES: No, too late 55%; Absolutely, secure 45%

After Cohen Pleaded Guilty, Americans Question His Behavior
September 22, 2018
According to a poll, the guilty plea by Michael Cohen to finance violations and other charges raises serious questions about the president’s behavior. Do you think Mueller should interview Trump?

92%: Not necessary
8%: Needs to happen

TOTAL: Not necessary 92%; Needs to happen 8%
MALES: Not necessary 93%; Needs to happen 7%
FEMALES: Not necessary 91%; Needs to happen 9%

Very early on, before we knew the facts. . .
Brett Kavanaugh Accused of Sexual Assault
September 21, 2018
Does someone's character ever really change? Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stands accused of sexual assault when he was a teenager.

59%: Not a chance
41%: It's possible

TOTAL: Not a chance 59%; It's possible 41%
MALES: Not a chance 58%; It's possible 42%
FEMALES: Not a chance 64%; It's possible 36%

Secretary Pompeo Has Swagger
September 21, 2018
Pompeo joined Instagram and his first post was a mock-up of the official seal of the "Department of Swagger." How do you feel about politics trying to seem cool and trendy?

52%: Kind of like it
48%: Lame

TOTAL: Kind of like it 52%; Lame 48%
MALES: Kind of like it 50%; Lame 50%
FEMALES: Kind of like it 56%; Lame 44%

We're Looking at You, Russia
September 21, 2018
Was it Russia again? Investigations by the FBI and CIA have found that Russia may be behind the sonic attacks on Americans in Cuba and China.

60%: No, can't always blame Russia
40%: Yes, strain relations with C&C 

TOTAL: No, can't always blame Russia 60%; Yes, strain relations with C&C 40%
MALES: No, can't always blame Russia 58%; Yes, strain relations with C&C 42%
FEMALES: No, can't always blame Russia 63%; Yes, strain relations with C&C 37%

3-D Printed Gun Blueprints Ban Gets Extended
September 2018
A U.S. Judge extends the ban of online 3D-printed gun blueprints. Do you think banning the online blueprints is a violation of free speech and the right to bear arms?

65%: Yes, too far
35%: No, they're dangerous

TOTAL: Yes, too far 65%; No, they're dangerous 35%
MALES: Yes, too far 68%; No, they're dangerous 32%
FEMALES: Yes, too far 58%; No, they're dangerous 42%

Trump Administration Wants to Regulate Google Searches
September 19, 2018
The Trump administration is 'looking at' whether Google and its search engine should be regulated by the government after Trump claims Google has 'rigged' results for Trump news searches. Should they be regulated?

71%: Yes, should be
29%: No! Never!

TOTAL: Yes, should be 71%; No! Never! 29%
MALES: Yes, should be 66%; No! Never! 34%
FEMALES: Yes, should be 71%; No! Never! 20%

John McCain Lived and Died A Proud American
September 19, 2018
Following his death, Sen. John McCain's aide read his final message, saying "Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history." Is McCain an American hero?

64%: Not exactly
36%: Without a doubt

TOTAL: Not exactly 64%; Without a doubt 36%
MALES: Not exactly 64%; Without a doubt 36%
FEMALES: Not exactly 62%; Without a doubt 38%

Archbishop is Calling on Pope Francis to Resign
September 18, 2018
An archbishop is alleging that Pope Francis was long aware of sexual misconduct allegations and has called on him to resign. Do you think Pope Francis will resign?

82%: No, won't happen
18%: Yes, prevent scandal
TOTAL: No, won't happen 82%; Yes, prevent scandal 18%
MALES: No, won't happen 88%; Yes, prevent scandal 12%
FEMALES: No, won't happen 65%; Yes, prevent scandal 35%

Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are Ahead of Their Time
September 18, 2018
Is Bitcoin a good investment? Down 90% from about a year ago, you can buy one for $6,300.

87%: Nope, it's a farce
13%: Yes, now's the time

TOTAL: Nope, it's a farce 87%; Yes, now's the time 13%
MALES: Nope, it's a farce 85%; Yes, now's the time 15%
FEMALES: Nope, it's a farce 92%; Yes, now's the time 8%

Royals Have A Custody Arrangement with The Queen
September 18, 2018
Apparently, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have kids, they won't have full custody based on a very old rule dating back to King George I. Is this outdated?

74%: Yes, overturn!
26%: No, tradition

TOTAL: Yes, overturn! 74%; No, tradition 26%
MALES: Yes, overturn! 73%; No, tradition 27%
FEMALES: Yes, overturn! 78%; No, tradition 22%

Barnum's Animal Crackers Let the Animals Out
September 18, 2018
Is PETA overstepping? The group pressured the iconic Nabisco animal cracker brand to change their packaging that depicts caged animals.

72%: Yes, go save real animals
28%: No, it's also a mindset

TOTAL: Yes, go save real animals 72%; No, it's also a mindset 28%
MALES: Yes, go save real animals 67%; No, it's also a mindset 33%
FEMALES: Yes, go save real animals 85%; No, it's also a mindset 15%

Cold War Era Fleet Re-Launch: The Start of a New Cold War?
September 15, 2018
With the re-launch of the US Navy's Cold War-era Second Fleet, many are speculating about the nature of the conflict between the US and Russia. Is this a sign of the start of a new Cold War?

61%: Just competition, like always
39%: Things are getting heated

TOTAL: Just competition, like always 61%; Things are getting heated 39%
MALES: Just competition, like always 59%; Things are getting heated 41%
FEMALES: Just competition, like always 66%; Things are getting heated 34%

Anonymity & Publicity Among White House Officials
September 14, 2018
Does it worry you that there is dissension among the highest-ranking officials in the White House, or are you happy that this is all coming out?

73%: Knowledge is power
27%: Very unsettling

TOTAL: Knowledge is power 73%; Very unsettling 27%
MALES: Knowledge is power 71%; Very unsettling 29%
FEMALES: Knowledge is power 75%; Very unsettling 25%

#MeToo Predators- To Return or Not to Return to Work?
September 14, 2018
Will it ever be okay for prominent #MeToo predators to return into society after they've "done their time?"

61%: No, stay away!
39%: Yes, redemption 

TOTAL: No, stay away! 61%; Yes, redemption 39%
MALES: No, stay away! 60%; Yes, redemption 40%
FEMALES: No, stay away! 64%; Yes, redemption 36%

More Senior Citizens are "Lighting Up"
September 14, 2018
More baby boomers are turning to marijuana because it helps with pain, insomnia and lack of appetite. Should Medicare and insurance companies help with expenses?

51%: No, bad idea
49%: Yes, natural remedy

TOTAL: No, bad idea 51%; Yes, natural remedy 49%
MALES: No, bad idea 45%; Yes, natural remedy 55%
FEMALES: No, bad idea 65%; Yes, natural remedy 35%

Trump Tweets Fake News Talk About Obama's Security Clearance
September 13, 2018
Does it really need to be said? President Trump says he wouldn’t revoke former President Obama's security clearance.

67%: Yes, shut it down
33%: No, stirring up trouble

TOTAL: Yes, shut it down 67%; No, stirring up trouble 33%
MALES: Yes, shut it down 70%; No, stirring up trouble 30%
FEMALES: Yes, shut it down 62%; No, stirring up trouble 38%

The Cost of Living Is Eating Up Your Paycheck
September 13, 2018
The rise of inflation is making U.S. workers’ paychecks worth less than they were a year ago. Could the increase in wages be an economic strategy to divert people from the rise of living costs?

70%: No, not a setup
30%: Yes, not enough

TOTAL: No, not a setup 70%; Yes, not enough 30%
MALES: No, not a setup 74%; Yes, not enough 26%
FEMALES: No, not a setup 61%; Yes, not enough 39%

Lindsay Lohan Bashes Women from the #MeToo Movement
September 12, 2018
Lindsay Lohan just said women 'look weak' when they share their #MeToo stories later on. Is this comment uncalled for?

65%: No, entitled opinion
35%: Yes, delusional

TOTAL: No, entitled opinion 65%; Yes, delusional 35%
MALES: No, entitled opinion 66%; Yes, delusional 34%
FEMALES: No, entitled opinion 62%; Yes, delusional 38%

May the Space Force Be with You
September 12, 2018
The Trump admin has a plan to make a "Space Force" the sixth branch of the U.S. military. Do you think this will actually happen?

71%: Yes, US Space Force!
29%: Won't get approved

TOTAL: Yes, US Space Force! 71%; Won't get approved 29%
MALES: Yes, US Space Force! 59%; Won't get approved 41%
FEMALES: Yes, US Space Force! 67%; Won't get approved 33%

Did Trump Get Played by Kim Jong Un During Summit Meet?
September 12, 2018
North Korea keeps rejecting U.S. proposals for 'starting and proceeding to the end point of fully verified denuclearization,' and calls them 'gangster-like.' Was the document signed during the summit useless?

81%: No, still negotiating
19%: Yes, no purpose

TOTAL: No, still negotiating 81%; Yes, no purpose 19%
MALES: No, still negotiating 82%; Yes, no purpose 18%
FEMALES: No, still negotiating 79%; Yes, no purpose 21%

Location Off, You're Still Trackable
September 2018
Turns out that turning off your Location History on your phone doesn't stop Google from tracking you. Does this make you uneasy?

71%: Yes, too invasive
29%: No, don't care

TOTAL: Yes, too invasive 71%; No, don't care 29%
MALES: Yes, too invasive 70%; No, don't care 30%
FEMALES: Yes, too invasive 74%; No, don't care 26%

Cyberbully Trump vs. Anti-cyberbullying Melania
September 2018
While Melania Trump speaks at an anti-cyberbullying summit, Trump spends his time, well…cyberbullying. Are Trump's tweets negatively impacting the first lady's efforts?

89%: No, defending
11%: Yes, mocks her

TOTAL: No, defending 89%; Yes, mocks her 11%
MALES: No, defending 89%; Yes, mocks her 11%
FEMALES: No, defending 89%; Yes, mocks her 11%

Jerry Brown vs. Trump- "Climate Change is a Hoax"
September 2018
CA Governor is scolding the president for denying climate change after CA saw the most destructive season on record last year. Should the president care for the upcoming season?

86%: No, scientists are wrong
14%: Yes, open your eyes

TOTAL: No, scientists are wrong 86%; Yes, open your eyes 14%
MALES: No, scientists are wrong 85%; Yes, open your eyes 15%
FEMALES: No, scientists are wrong 89%; Yes, open your eyes 11%

Does Cohen's Guilty Plea Make President Trump Look Guilty?
September 2018
Does Cohen's guilty plea make President Trump guilty by association in the court of public opinion?

86%: No, squeaky clean
14%: Yup, he's tarnished

TOTAL: No, squeaky clean 86%; Yup, he's tarnished 14%
MALES: No, squeaky clean 86%; Yup, he's tarnished 14%
FEMALES: No, squeaky clean 86%; Yup, he's tarnished 14%

Does the Right to Free Speech apply To Facebook?
September 12, 2018
Do you think the First Amendment, the right to free speech, applies to Facebook?

77%: Absolutely does
23%: No, it's a forum

TOTAL: Absolutely does 77%; No, it's a forum 23%
MALES: Absolutely does 80%; No, it's a forum 20%
FEMALES: Absolutely does 71%; No, it's a forum 29%

Bill Maher Is Rooting for A Recession
September 1, 2018
How many Americans do you think feel the same way as Bill Maher? He stated on his HBO special, 'Bring on the Recession' if it will remove Trump.

76%: Very few
24%: Too many

TOTAL: Very few 76%; Too many 24%
MALES: Very few 75%; Too many 25%
FEMALES: Very few 77%; Too many 23%

It happened. Kim Jong Un Agrees to Denuclearize
September 1, 2018
Can North Korean leader Kim Jong Un be trusted to truly denuclearize his country?

64%: Yes, making strides
36%: No, history of double dealing

TOTAL: Yes, making strides 64%; No, history of double dealing 36%
MALES: Yes, making strides 62%; No, history of double dealing 38%
FEMALES: Yes, making strides 67%; No, history of double dealing 33%

NFL National Anthem Protests Still Strong
August 10, 2018
During the preseason games, several players took a knee, raised fists or sat out during the National Anthem, in protest. The NFL has shelved the anti-protest policy. Will it come back?

56%: No, won't do anything
44%: Yes, will put a stop

TOTAL: No, won't do anything 56%; Yes, will put a stop 44%
MALES: No, won't do anything 62%; Yes, will put a stop 38%
FEMALES: Yes, will put a stop 62%; No, won't do anything 38%

The Slow Death of The Internet
August 1, 2018
What do you think the next step will be with the death of net neutrality?
59% Increased internet prices
41% Blocked/limits on websites

TOTAL: Increased internet prices 59%; Blocked/limits on websites 41%
MALES: Increased internet prices 60%; Blocked/limits on websites 40%
FEMALES: Increased internet prices 55%; Blocked/limits on websites 45%

A Reality TV Star Convinces an Ex-Reality TV Star to Consider Prison Reform
July 2018
Alice Marie Johnson, a nonviolent drug offender, is granted clemency by Trump after visit from Kim Kardashian West. Does this mean more leniency for non-violent drug offenders?

72%: Yeah, Trump will look at more
28%: No, one-time thing

TOTAL: Yeah, Trump will look at more 72%; No, one-time thing 28%
MALES: Yeah, Trump will look at more 73%; No, one-time thing 27%
FEMALES: Yeah, Trump will look at more 70%; No, one-time thing 30%

The Saga Continues: Donald and Kim's Rollercoaster Relationship
July 2018
After the US- North Korea summit in Singapore, do you think President Trump and Kim Kong Un will both play nice?

93%: Yes, progress
7%: No, not buying it

TOTAL: Yes, progress 93%; No, not buying it 7%
MALES: Yes, progress 94%; No, not buying it 6%
FEMALES: Yes, progress 92%; No, not buying it 8%

The National Debt Tops 21 Trillion- Can Trump Eliminate It?
July 31, 2018
After Trump said he could eliminate the national debt "over a period of 8 years," the national debt reaches its highest level since after WWll. Do you think Trump can still keep his word and eliminate it?

73%: Yes, believe in him
27%: No, he's delusional

TOTAL: Yes, believe in him 73%; No, he's delusional 27%
MALES: Yes, believe in him 71%; No, he's delusional 29%
FEMALES: Yes, believe in him 77%; No, he's delusional 23%

Amazon Moves Closer to Pharmaceutical Entrance
July 2018
Amazon is at it again. After revealing their plans to someday enter the pharmaceutical sphere, they have acquired an online pharmacy pill pack. Would you purchase your prescription drugs from Amazon?

56%: Local shop for me
44%: Heck, yeah!

TOTAL: Local shop for me 56%; Heck, yeah! 44%
MALES: Heck, yeah! 52%; Local shop for me 48%
FEMALES: Local shop for me 70%; Heck, yeah! 30%

Dolce's Stefano Gabbana Called Selena Gomez Ugly in Italian
July 2018
Dolce and Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana has been known for his controversial comments, with his most recent one being calling Selena Gomez "ugly." Should his comment have been blocked?

60%: No, his opinion
40%: Yeah, he's bullying

TOTAL: No, his opinion 60%; Yeah, he's bullying 40%
MALES: No, his opinion 79%; Yeah, he's bullying 21%
FEMALES: Yeah, he's bullying 58%; No, his opinion 42%

Global Tariff War Showdown
July 24, 2018
Mexico and Canada strike back on the tariff war. They are now imposing their own tariffs on US goods. Are you worried?
92%: No, Trump knows what he's doing
8%: Yes, Ouch!

TOTAL: No, Trump knows what he's doing 92%; Yes, Ouch! 8%
MALES: No, Trump knows what he's doing 91%; Yes, Ouch! 9%
FEMALES: No, Trump knows what he's doing 93%; Yes, Ouch! 7%

Cal 3 Initiative- Could It Pass?
July 24, 2018
Could this really pass? The Cal 3 initiative, a proposal to split CA into 3 states will be on the November ballot.

64%: No, much too drastic
36%: Yes, changes are eminent

TOTAL: No, much too drastic 64%; Yes, changes are eminent 36%
MALES: No, much too drastic 63%; Yes, changes are eminent 37%
FEMALES: No, much too drastic 66%; Yes, changes are eminent 34%

Trump vs. Kim - The Ultimate Standoff
July 24, 2018
President Trump has tweeted that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. Do you believe him?

79%: Yeah, Trump's negotiating rocks
21%: No way, it's North Korea

TOTAL: Yeah, Trump's negotiating rocks 79%; No way, it's North Korea 21%
MALES: Yeah, Trump's negotiating rocks 77%; No way, it's North Korea 23%
FEMALES: Yeah, Trump's negotiating rocks 82%; No way, it's North Korea 18%

The Saga Continues: Donald and Kim's Rollercoaster Relationship
July 24, 2018
After the US- North Korea summit in Singapore, do you think President Trump and Kim Kong Un will both play nice?

93%: Yes, progress
7%: No, not buying it

TOTAL: Yes, progress 93%; No, not buying it 7%
MALES: Yes, progress 94%; No, not buying it 6%
FEMALES: Yes, progress 92%; No, not buying it 8%

Judge Aaron Persky Removed After Sentencing of Brock Turner
July 2, 2018
Voters removed Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced Brock Turner to six months in the Stanford sexual assault case. Do you believe his removal was justified?

80%: Yes, he had to go
20%: No, not really

TOTAL: Yes, he had to go 80%; No, not really 20%
MALES: Yes, he had to go 86%; No, not really 14%
FEMALES: Yes, he had to go 68%; No, not really 32%

DeVos Says Guns in Schools Won't be Looked at
July 2, 2018
The Federal Commission on School Safety chairwoman & Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says they will not look at the role of guns in protecting schools. Isn't this part of school safety?

62%: Yes, can't ignore
38%: No, separate issue

TOTAL: Yes, can't ignore 62%; No, separate issue 38%
MALES: Yes, can't ignore 61%; No, separate issue 39%
FEMALES: Yes, can't ignore 64%; No, separate issue 36%

Russia Investigation Still Costing Millions
June 29, 2018
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election has cost taxpayers nearly $17 million with a long way still to go. Has Russia successfully destabilized Americans' faith in their own government?

77%: No, we are united
23%: Yes, doubt is strong

TOTAL: No, we are united 77%; Yes, doubt is strong 23%
MALES - No, we are united 77%; Yes, doubt is strong 23%
FEMALES - No, we are united 78%; Yes, doubt is strong 22%

Trump Trade War
June 29, 2018
Are President Trump's tariffs going to backfire and end up costing the U.S. money? The European Union has filed a formal complaint with the world trade commission and are threatening tariffs.

94%: No, there's a plan here
6%: Yes, bad move

TOTAL: No, there's a plan here 94%; Yes, bad move 6%
MALES: No, there's a plan here 94%; Yes, bad move 6%
FEMALES: No, there's a plan here 94%; Yes, bad move 6%

President Trump to Pardon Himself
June 29, 2018
President Trump says he has "the absolute right to pardon himself," referencing Mueller's investigation. He claims innocence, does this make him look guilty?

87%: No, he's taunting Mueller
13%: Yes, why say that?

TOTAL: No, he's taunting Mueller 87%; Yes, why say that? 13%
MALES: No, he's taunting Mueller 86%; Yes, why say that? 14%
FEMALES: No, he's taunting Mueller 88%; Yes, why say that? 12%

Jimmy Fallon Surprises Graduating Class of Marjory Stoneman Douglas
June 29, 2018
After the rough year Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students had following the shooting massacre from earlier in the year, something special was needed....Jimmy Fallon made a surprise speech to the graduating class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School commencement in Parkland, FL. Will the class end up changing the gun laws?

87%: Not so fast
13%: Yes, they can do it

TOTAL: Not so fast 85%; Yes, they can do it 15%
MALES: Not so fast 87% Yes, they can do it 13%
FEMALES: Not so fast 81%; Yes, they can do it 19%

Should President Trump be More "Presidential?"
June 28, 2018
Patty Davis says her dad, Ronald Reagan would be "appalled" by the Trump presidency. Do you wish Trump would be more "Presidential?"

81%: Nah, he's just fine
19%: Duh, but oh well
TOTAL: Nah, he's just fine 81%; Duh, but oh well 19%
MALES: Nah, he's just fine 84%; Duh, but oh well 16%
FEMALES: Nah, he's just fine 75%; Duh, but oh well 25%

Monica Lewinsky Won't Be Getting an Apology from Bill Clinton
June 28, 2018
20 years later, Bill Clinton says of the Monica Lewinsky affair: "I think I did the right thing. I defended the Constitution," and shares he doesn't feel he owes her an apology. Does he?

76%: Yes, she deserves one
24%: No, 20 years - get over it

TOTAL: Yes, she deserves one 76%; No, 20 years - get over it 24%
MALES: Yes, she deserves one 68%; No, 20 years - get over it 32%
FEMALES: Yes, she deserves one 92%; No, 20 years - get over it 8%

Samantha Bee vs Ivanka Trump
June 27, 2018
Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c—t” on her tv show and then apologized shortly after. Should her show be canceled after this?

90%: Yes, no excuses
10%: No, just a slip up

TOTAL: Yes, no excuses 90%; No, just a slip up 10%
MALES: Yes, no excuses 85%; No, just a slip up 15%
FEMALES: Yes, no excuses 98%; No, just a slip up 2%

Trump Imposes Tariffs on U.S. Allies
June 27, 2018
Trump imposed a steel metal tariff on US allies. Does this mean a trade war is coming?

76%: Not yet
24%: Absolutely

TOTAL: Not yet 76%; Absolutely 24%
MALES: Not yet 78%; Absolutely 22%
FEMALES: Not yet 72%; Absolutely 28%

Can We Trust Government Paid Scientists?
June 25, 2018

Do you trust government paid scientists? An internal White House memo circulated a year ago weighed whether to ignore climate studies from gov't scientists, or to instead develop "a coherent, fact-based message about climate science."

87%: Nope, prob corrupt
13%: Yah, they're scientists

TOTAL: Nope, prob corrupt 87%; Yah, they're scientists 13%
MALES: Nope, prob corrupt 86%; Yah, they're scientists 14%
FEMALES: Nope, prob corrupt 90%; Yah, they're scientists 10%

Netflix Signs Deal With the Obamas
June 25, 2018
Is Netflix going political? Users are threatening to cancel their subscriptions over the "storytelling partnership" with the Obamas to produce scripted series, documentaries and features.

69%: Obama's got them
31%: Just more content

TOTAL: Obama's got them 69%; Just more content 31%
MALES: Obama's got them 68%; Just more content 32%
FEMALES: Obama's got them 71%; Just more content 29%

Unclear wording. . .
New NFL National Anthem Policy Shakes Things Up
June 2018
Are you considering not watching football this season after the most recent decision by the NFL to penalize teams and players refusing to stand for the anthem on the sidelines?

53%: Yes, NFL only cares about $$
47%: No, I'll watch now

TOTAL: Yes, NFL only cares about $$ 53%; No, I'll watch now 47%
MALES: Yes, NFL only cares about $$ 51%; No, I'll watch now 49%
FEMALES: Yes, NFL only cares about $$ 51%; No, I'll watch now 49%

Civil Rights Organizations vs. Facial Recognition Software
June 20, 2018
Does it bother you that facial recognition software is so readily available on Amazon and law enforcement is stocking up? The ACLU and two dozen civil rights orgs. want to stop the sales.

57%: Yes, Big Brother is watching
43%: No, good outweighs the bad

TOTAL: Yes, Big Brother is watching 57%; No, good outweighs the bad 43%
MALES: Yes, Big Brother is watching 58%; No, good outweighs the bad 42%
FEMALES: Yes, Big Brother is watching 55%; No, good outweighs the bad 45%

Women Made History at the 2018 Primary
June 12, 2018
Stacey Abrams makes history becoming the first black woman to be a major party's nominee for governor after winning her Democratic primary in Georgia. Will she be elected as governor?

86%: Not so sure
14%: She's got this

TOTAL: Not so sure 86%; She's got this 14%
MALES: Not so sure 83%; She's got this 17%
FEMALES: Not so sure 91%; She's got this 9%

The Facebook Apology Tour Continues
June 12, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg dodged some questions about shadow profiles from European Parliament. Do you think he lied at the hearing?

93%: Definitely did
7%: No, it's all out there

TOTAL: Definitely did 93%; No, it's all out there 7%
MALES: Definitely did 95%; No, it's all out there 5%
FEMALES: Definitely did 90%; No, it's all out there 10%

The Verdict is in for Trump vs. Twitter
June 12, 2018
A judge ruled that Trump can't block users on Twitter - as it is unconstitutional and a violation of the First Amendment. Whose side are you on?

85%: Trump
15%: Judge

TOTAL: Trump 85%; Judge 15%
MALES: Trump 90%; Judge 10%
FEMALES: Trump 75%; Judge 25%

Native American Woman wins Idaho Democratic Primary
June 12, 2018
What are the chances that Idaho will elect its first ever native American woman as governor?

69%: Really good
31%: Not ready for her

TOTAL: Really good 69%; Not ready for her 31%
MALES: Really good 67%; Not ready for her 33%
FEMALES: Really good 75%; Not ready for her 25%

The Judge and Jury of Social Media is Watching
June 12, 2018
Does the judge & jury of social media scare you?

79%: Yes, swift without mercy
21%: No, it's usually right

TOTAL: Yes, swift without mercy 79%; No, it's usually right 21%
MALES: Yes, swift without mercy 80%; No, it's usually right 20%
FEMALES: Yes, swift without mercy 77%; No, it's usually right 23%

Who is Really to Blame for School Shootings?
June 12, 2018
Are parents responsible for their children's misdeeds? The Texas school shooter journaled about killing prior to attacking the school.

72%: Hello! Yes, parent already
28%: No, can't control teens

TOTAL: Hello! Yes, parent already 72%; No, can't control teens 28%
MALES: Hello! Yes, parent already  74%; No, can't control teens 26%
FEMALES: Hello! Yes, parent already 67%; No, can't control teens 33%

President Trump Raises Eyebrows with Russia Again
June 9, 2018
President Trump wants Russia back in G-7 and to take part in the important meetings. Do you agree?

87%: Yes, hold them accountable
13%: No, they don't follow rules

TOTAL: Yes, hold them accountable 87%; No, they don't follow rules 13%
MALES: Yes, hold them accountable 87%; No, they don't follow rules 13%
FEMALES: Yes, hold them accountable 88%; No, they don't follow rules 12%

Mueller, Trump, and Russia- What You Need to Know
June 8, 2018
It's the one-year anniversary of Robert Mueller's investigation over possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Do you think this will be finalized in 2018?

76%: Yes, we've had enough!
24%: No, it'll go until 2020

TOTAL: Yes, we've had enough! 76%; No, it'll go until 2020 24%
MALES: Yes, we've had enough! 74%; No, it'll go until 2020 26%
FEMALES: Yes, we've had enough! 81%; No, it'll go until 2020 19%

Confusing choice of answers. . .
McCain Comment Leaked Out of White House

June 8, 2018
Looks like President Trump is going to be cleaning house after the latest White House leak. Do you agree with his methods?

52%: Totally off the list
48%: No, being respectful

TOTAL: Totally off the list 52%; No, being respectful 48%
MALES: Totally off the list 51%; No, being respectful 49%
FEMALES: Totally off the list 55%; No, being respectful 45%

Trumpgate Will Be Bigger than Watergate
June 2018
Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign? President Trump says yes and that it's "bigger than Watergate!"

91%: They're so busted!
9%: Not that dumb

TOTAL: They're so busted! 91%; Not that dumb 9%
MALES: They're so busted! 89%; Not that dumb 11%
FEMALES: They're so busted! 96%; Not that dumb 4%

Texas "Columbine" Copycat Catches Trump's Attention
June 2018

President Trump says he's "prepared to do everything in our power to protect our students," following another deadly school shooting. What needs to be done first?

90%: Armed school guards
10%: Ban AR15's
TOTAL: Armed school guards 90%; Ban AR15's 10%
MALES: Armed school guards 90%; Ban AR15's 10%
FEMALES: Armed school guards 89%; Ban AR15's 11%

The Primaries Are Here!
June 6, 2018
The California governor's race just got exciting! Dem. Gavin Newsom and Rep. John Cox will face off in the very blue state. Who do you think CA will trust with their future?

71%: Reps will upset norm
29%: Dems own CA
TOTAL: Reps will upset norm 71%; Dems own CA 29%
MALES: Reps will upset norm 70%; Dems own CA 30%
FEMALES: Reps will upset norm 72%; Dems own CA 28%

Gun Debate Continues - NRA Fall Short of Being Called a 'Terrorist Organization'
June 4, 2018
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a recent interview, "The NRA is kind of just shy of a terrorist organization." Would you agree?

94%: More like protectors
6%: Definitely terrorists

TOTAL: More like protectors 94%; Definitely terrorists 6%
MALES: More like protectors 95%; Definitely terrorists 5%
FEMALES: More like protectors 94%; Definitely terrorists 6%

Stormy Daniels Raises a Half-Million Dollars and People Are Concerned
June 1, 2018

Stormy Daniels has raised nearly a half million dollars using crowd funding for her legal fees to go after the President. Should we be concerned with who is donating anonymously?
80%: Yes, could be political rivals
20%: No, this isn't ethical

TOTAL: Yes, could be political rivals 80%; No, this isn't ethical 20%
MALES: Yes, could be political rivals 80%; No, this isn't ethical 20%
FEMALES: Yes, could be political rivals 79%; No, this isn't ethical 21%

Iran Just Hit the Checkmate Button on the US
June 1, 2018
Check... Iran's supreme leader says they may step up production of nuclear fuel as a result of Trump’s breaking the Iran deal. Is he playing into the US strategy?

88%: Checkmate - "Ayatollah so"
12%: No, US is in a bind now

TOTAL: Checkmate - "Ayatollah so" 88%; No, US is in a bind now 12%
MALES: Checkmate - "Ayatollah so" 88%; No, US is in a bind now 12%
FEMALES: Checkmate - "Ayatollah so" 90%; No, US is in a bind now10%

Trump Moves US Embassy to Jerusalem
June 1, 2018
Do you support President Trump moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem?

86%: Chuck Schumer & I agree!
14%: No, stirring the pot

TOTAL: Chuck Schumer & I agree! 86%; No, stirring the pot 14%
MALES: Chuck Schumer & I agree! 82%; No, stirring the pot 18%
FEMALES: Chuck Schumer & I agree! 95%; No, stirring the pot 5%

No Racism with That Starbucks Order, Please
June 1, 2018
How much of a difference do you think the racial bias training day at Starbucks will make?

92%: Barely any - bigger than this
8%: World of difference

TOTAL: Barely any - bigger than this 92%; World of difference 8%
MALES: Barely any - bigger than this 94%; World of difference 6%
FEMALES: Barely any - bigger than this 89%; World of difference 11%

Trump and Kim's Highly Anticipated Summit Meeting on Hold – For Now
June 1, 2018
North Korea threatens to cancel the upcoming summit with President Trump opposing the joint military training drills occurring in the south. Are they trying to back out of nuclear disarming?

70%: Yes, having second thoughts
30%: No, trying to prevent invasion

TOTAL: Yes, second thoughts 70%; No, trying to prevent invasion 30%
MALES: Yes, second thoughts 69%; No, trying to prevent invasion 33%
FEMALES: Yes, second thoughts 73%; No, trying to prevent invasion 27%

Kanye West Shuts Off the Noise
May 2018
Kanye West can't come to the phone. Apparently, he got rid of it to concentrate on his music. Does this sound like focus or insanity?

68%: Extreme focus
32%: Totally insane

TOTAL: Extreme focus 68%; Totally insane 32%
MALES: Extreme focus 68%; Totally insane 32%
FEMALES: Extreme focus 68%; Totally insane 32%

Trump Demands to Seize News Outlet Credentials
May 30, 2018
President Trump is threatening to take away some of the media's credentials for continually reporting "fake news" about him. Is his skin too thin for this job?

72%: Media should be shutdown
28%: Toughen up, buttercup

TOTAL: Media should be shutdown 72%; Toughen up, buttercup 28%
MALES: Media should be shutdown 75%; Toughen up, buttercup 25%
FEMALES: Media should be shutdown 65%; Toughen up, buttercup 35%

Kim Jong-un Delivers a 'Good Gesture'
May 30, 2018
Is North Korea going to bow down to President Trump?

68%: Kim is rolling over
32%: Too much ego for that

TOTAL: Kim is rolling over 68%; Too much ego for that 32%
MALES: Kim is rolling over 69%; Too much ego for that 31%
FEMALES: Kim is rolling over 62%; Too much ego for that 38%

AT&T Executive Gone After Payments to Cohen
May 25, 2018
An AT&T exec has "retired" now that a $600k payment from the company to Michael Cohen has surfaced. Do you think this money went into Cohen's pockets?

82%: Yes, profiting from Trump ties
18%: No, funneled money to Trump

TOTAL: Yes, profiting from T. ties 82%; No, funneled money to T. 18%
MALES: Yes, profiting from T. ties 81%; No, funneled money to T. 19%
FEMALES: Yes, profiting from T. ties 87%; No, funneled money to T. 13%

Trump and Pharmaceuticals- Friend or Foe?
May 25, 2018
Is Trump getting lobbied by pharmaceutical companies? Looks like he's going soft after his speech in the Rose Garden, a change from his campaign promises.

82%: No, he won't be bought
18%: Yes, Pharma is too powerful

TOTAL: No, he won't be bought 82%; Yes, Pharma is too powerful 18%
MALES: No, he won't be bought 84%; Yes, Pharma is too powerful 16%
FEMALES: No, he won't be bought 78%; Yes, Pharma is too powerful 12%

North Korea Demolishes Missile Testing Sites
May 24, 2018
North Korea has supposedly demolished their missile testing sites. Why?

60%: Back channel deals
40%: Show of good faith

TOTAL: Back channel deals 60%; Show of good faith 40%
MALES: Back channel deals 59%; Show of good faith 41%
FEMALES: Back channel deals 62%; Show of good faith 38%

Obama Criticizes President Trump on Iran Deal
May 23, 2018
President Trump has decided to withdraw the US from the nuclear agreement with Iran and Obama says this is "so misguided." Would you agree?

88%: No, better deal coming
12%: Yes, what's happening

TOTAL: No, better deal coming 88%; Yes, what is happening 12%
MALES: No, better deal coming 89%; Yes, what is happening 11%
FEMALES: No, better deal coming 84%; Yes, what is happening 16%

The Unemployment Low Award Goes to. . .
May 23, 2018
Submitting of unemployment applications hit a 50 year low this month, why is that?

96%: Trump's Job's Act & tax cuts
4%: Previous administration policy

TOTAL: Trump's Job's Act & tax cuts 96%; Previous admin. policy 4%
MALES: Trump's Job's Act & tax cuts 96%; Previous admin. policy 4%
FEMALES: Trump's Job's Act & tax cuts 97%; Previous admin. policy 3%

New NRA President Will 'Shut Down the Gun Control Debate'
May 23, 2018
Will Oliver North, newly appointed NRA President, shut down the gun control debate?

60%: Yes, next topic, please
40%: No, this is a new battlefield

TOTAL: Yes, next topic, please 60%; No, this is a new battlefield 40%
MALES: Yes, next topic, please 57%; No, this is a new battlefield 43%
FEMALES: Yes, next topic, please 67%; No, this is a new battlefield 33%

President Trump for the Nobel Prize?
May 23, 2018
Should the world credit President Donald Trump for peace in Korea? As the historic summit between the U.S. and N.Korea approaches the peninsula is talking about denuclearization?

95%: Trump will be a hero
5%: Doesn't deserve credit

TOTAL: Trump will be a hero 95%; Doesn't deserve credit 5%
MALES: Trump will be a hero 94%; Doesn't deserve credit 6%
FEMALES: Trump will be a hero 97%; Doesn't deserve credit 3%

First Lady Advocates for Children's Well-being
May 23, 2018
Melania Trump will soon launch her 'Be Best' initiative for children, focusing on physical health, social media and opioid abuse. Will her initiative go far?

88%: She'll do it right
12%: Not going anywhere

TOTAL: She'll do it right 88%; Not going anywhere 12%
MALES: She'll do it right 87%; Not going anywhere 13%
FEMALES: She'll do it right 89%; Not going anywhere 11%

Mueller is Trying to Trap Trump
May 16, 2018
Rudy Giuliani says if Trump agrees to an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it should be limited to a few hours and focus on the Russia probe. Do you think it's a good idea for Trump to do an interview?

81%: No, it's a trap
19%: Yes, control the narrative

TOTAL: No, it's a trap 81%; Yes, control the narrative 19%
MALES:No, it's a trap 79%; Yes, control the narrative 21%
FEMALES: No, it's a trap 86%; Yes, control the narrative 14%

Tech Industry Makes California Fifth Largest Economy
May 16, 2018
California’s economy is now the fifth largest in the world, surpassing the United Kingdom. Why do you think this is?

79%: Tech industry
21%: Movie industry

TOTAL: Tech industry 79%; Movie industry 21%
MALES: Tech industry 79%; Movie industry 21%
FEMALES: Tech industry 80%; Movie industry 20%

Iowa Bans Abortion With 'Fetal Heartbeat' Law
May 16, 2018
Iowa's governor just signed legislation for the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. Which is more aligned with American values?

75%: Pro life
25%: Pro choice

TOTAL: Pro life 75%; Pro choice 25%
MALES: Pro life 75%; Pro choice 25%
FEMALES: Pro life 75%; Pro choice 25%

Revolving Door at the White House
April 16, 2018
Who do you think is most likely the next person headed out of the White House?

76%: Attorney General Sessions
24%: Chief of Staff John Kelly

TOTAL: AG Sessions 76%; CoS John Kelly 24%
MALES: AG Sessions 77%; CoS John Kelly 23%
FEMALES: AG Sessions 76%; CoS John Kelly 24%

"The Zip App is the First Amendment at its finest."

The following 15 Zip polls were displayed and discussed during three One America News Network [OAN] interviews with Zip owner Ric Militi, but are no longer posted on the Zip Poll USA website. OAN is the only media outlet to report on the Zip polls since 2016.
OAN interview may 2017 ~ OAN interview may 2018 ~ OAN interview sep 2018]. . .

May 2017:

Do you approve of the job that Donald Trump is doing as President?
May 2017

75% Definitely, fine job
25% No, he needs help

Was it a mistake for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation?

54% Could be a smart move
46% Big mistake

Should President Trump have fired former FBI Director James Comey on day-one of his administration?

63% Definitely
37% No, needed time

Do you blame the Democrats or Republicans for opening the door to the appointment of a Special prosecutor?

70% Democrats
30% Republicans

Will Donald Trump recover from the attacks by the Democrats, the "deep state" and the mainstream media?

79% He'll prevail
21% No coming back

Will Donald Trump serve his entire term as President?

80% Absolutely, full term
20% No, impeachment will come

May & Sep 2018

Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises more than most presidents?

92% Yes
8% No

in a generic Congressional ballot, for whom would you vote in November: a Democrat or a Republican candidate?

90% Republican
10% Democrat

Do you approve of the job that President Trump is doing?

91% Yes
9% No

Do you believe that President Trump has obstructed justice?

91% No
9% Yes

Do you believe that Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump?

93% No
7% Yes

Do you agree with president Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear agreement?

90% Yes
10% No

Should GOP Congressional leadership focus on repealing unnecessary and burdensome legislation like Dodd-Frank?

87% Yes
13% No

Should President Trump fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

68% Yes
32% No

Why were the polls removed from the site?

With the exception of OAN, why is the entire press ignoring the Zip polls?

Maybe the results only seem surprising because the entire press is silent about the #walkaway movement and the fact that Trump supporters are from every party and no party, including 33% of former Sanders' supporters [the smart ones].

The silence of the press enables an angry mob to demonize Trump supporters, and the press reports every hateful statement by their 'elite' leaders in Hollywood & DC. It definitely creates the impression of a dominant force, so Trump supporters should stay silent to stay safe. But is a tiny unhinged minority bullying the vast peaceful majority?

Rules for Radicals - #1: "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."

If you can't divide a nation, the illusion of division is the next best thing." - Georgie $orrows

44:25: "There's another world that you are being kept from; the truth is being hidden from you by people who are very good at marketing, very good at propaganda. And they control both of the narratives, on the left and the right. . .and it's just as bad as the mainstream media, which is a big pitfall you have to watch out for today. . .[E]very top government official doing propaganda, the CIA, every top marketing person in corporate America, they all fu&kin know you have confirmation bias." ~ Journalist Lee Stranahan

CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: "a strategy in which an individual or organization is covertly controlled by a 3rd party...The controlled party is portrayed as being in opposition to the interests of the controlling party."

Divide & Rule
[M]aintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power. . .causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people."

"Ahead of the midterm elections, a new AP/NORC poll shows an overwhelming majority of Americans see the United States as greatly divided on important issues and few believe that will get better soon." Oct. 25 AP [LINK]

But away from the make-believe media, the Zip poll results make logical sense - the President is keeping his promises and the economy is #1 on everyone's list, so naturally his support would not only stay strong but increase. It's a no-brainer.

Unlike the press, the Zip poll numbers don't lie. And they make it possible to break free of the divisive fiction and embrace the empowering reality. No wonder the dishonest press ignores them. Some honest exceptions. . .

America Divided - But Not By Trump
"Despite the bluster of the left, Trump may be the most unifying president in U.S. history. The Enemy Media: Not since the Civil War has a president needed to fight a more divisive adversary, and that makes his accomplishments even more impressive. Given what he has managed in only two years, imagine what he can do in the next six."

Journalist Greg Hunter: "I don't believe the polls. I think they are a psyop to try to reflect the amount of cheating that they're gonna have - that's what it was in 2016, that's why the polls were way off. And I also think it's to demoralize voters on the republican side. . ."

The Millennium Report
"What it comes down to then, is that the power elite can make up stuff out of thin air and have it reported as fact, when in reality it's utter fiction. This undoubtedly happens all the time now and We the People know it as FAKE NEWS."

OAN: GOP holds lead in early voting

Wear a MAGA hat in public and you'll experience reality. I do it all the time in liberal Massachusetts and average 70-80% positive reactions, often VERY positive. I think Trump supporters deeply appreciate the public validation after being intimidated by the press into self-imposed isolation - "the better to hide your true numbers, my dear."

On Nov 1st Drudge posted these headlines, all of them linking to anti-Trump news sites. . .

DEEP PROBE: Schiff to chair intelligence panel. . .

Blue wave predictions could be setting the stage for democrats to cry foul on the red wave, or when recounts are called in response to dem election fraud.

The day after the President tweeted this warning:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
"All levels of government and Law Enforcement are watching carefully for VOTER FRAUD, including during EARLY VOTING. Cheat at your own peril. Violators will be subject to maximum penalties, both civil and criminal!"

CIArl Bernstein wrote this op-ed:
Trump preparing to call midterm elections 'illegitimate' if Democrats take power [Washington Examiner]

And from under his bridge Robert Reich sent an email to MoveOn members titled: "Will Republicans steal the election?"

"I know you are, but what am I?" - the projection offensive.

Midterm Elections: Expert Shares How to Reduce Voter Fraud
"With the midterm elections approaching. . .the best method to combat voter fraud involves having a paper trail, which digital and remote voting does not allow."

Greg Hunter interviews Eric Eggers, author of Election Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.

Black Box Voting

Foreign election meddling

And now for something completely different. . .

Jan - Dec 2018

Oct. 2016 - Sep 2017

POTUS FutureGraph 2016-2024

President Trump's FutureGraph for 2018 displays a Saturn cycle [red graph] that ends the first week of Dec. The cycle began the week he was elected President [above]. Saturn is the 'reap what you sow' cycle and the President has tirelessly sown seeds that should bear good fruit. And the cycle's end may echo its beginning, with another democrat election fraud attempt, this time with a recount [drama!] that ends by Dec 9th and results in another landslide Trump [gop] victory. The other cycles add complexity to this time period. More on President Trump's time cycles HERE

Amazing Grace & Warring Angels

"There's only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him. This guy has magic coming out of his ears. He is an astonishing vote getter & campaigner. The Republicans are unbelievably lucky to have him and I'm just awed at how well they've done. It's all the Trump magic – Trump is the magic man. Incredible, he's got the entire media against him, attacking him every day, and he pulls out these enormous wins." - Ben Stein, “The Capitalist Code"

"Trump's detractors alternate between complaints about his character and his policies, which they deem-wrongly-to be inseparable. But they are blind to the positive aspects of Trump's character. His successful, loyal family. His temperance. His work ethic. His stamina. His flexibility and adaptability. And-always evident if you watch his rallies-his inimitable sense of humor, which is often self-deprecating. Not least, his unswerving commitment to keeping his promises. - Edward Ring in American Greatness


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